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Many people are not familiar with the concept of black hat SEO, which is a series of unethical techniques whose main objective is to circumvent search engine algorithms to achieve better positioning.

However, it is very important to point out that this can cause problems with a independent audit within the page, mainly because it goes against several rules, in addition, of course, to many other situations.

So, while these actions tend to have a quick response, they can also harm the company and diminish its authority and credibility in the market, and therefore should be avoided at all costs.

Furthermore, the world is undergoing a process of digital transformation, in which a series of technological advances have changed the way people do day-to-day activities, which includes commerce and business credit.

Due to this approach to the digital world, most companies had to migrate to the internet and begin to better understand this active universe of possibilities. After all, these actions can have a strong impact on sales.

However, on the internet things work differently, which includes marketing, which had to adapt and understand this new business model and how attract new customers for consumption.

At that moment, the search engines enter, platforms in which the user can type in keywords related to a problem or need, and will find reasonably quick answers from technical translation or any other topic.

To get these answers, search engines use algorithms, which scan their databases to find sites that relate to what is being searched for by the customer.

These platforms then create lists to present the results to the user, usually in order of relevance. He usually finds what he needs in the first few links, which is why there is so much interest in being in this position.

Methods to always be in the top positions

Achieving this position is not an easy task, since the search sites themselves do not present all the elements that the algorithms search for. This is largely due to the abuses carried out at the beginning of this type of transaction.

Some malicious companies understood how algorithms work and were looking for ways to circumvent this type of system, creating a direct impact on their pages, but often without the quality necessary for the consumer to enjoy.

The best way to work with search engines is through SEO. The acronym, which means Search Engine Optimization, or Search Engine Optimization, represents a series of actions that can help the website structured network cabling, for example, to grow within these platforms.

However, not all techniques are considered ethical, so it is important to know not only what you can and should use for the company's growth, but also to identify the actions that should always be avoided.

In a parallel to the movies western classics, the SEO subdivision follows the line White Hat, Gray Hat and Black Hat, a reference to the fact that in these films, the good guys always wore white hats, the villains wore black hats, and the antiheroes or dubious characters wore gray hats.

White Hat SEO represents all ethically correct actions. These are activities that can help improve your company's concept, optimize your results and achieve much greater authority for your business. tax consultancy, for example.

One of the points to think about in this case, and what makes many people look for other formats, is that they are medium to long-term actions, where a certain base work is needed to start to obtain effective results, for example. :

  • Use of keywords;
  • Website Optimization;
  • Link Building;
  • Anchor Texts.

Gray Hat SEO is on a dubious line. These are not unethical actions per se, but they are questionable. Although they pose less risk to the company's credibility, this can change quickly, so it's important to avoid them.

Black Hat is one of the biggest problems in terms of SEO today. These are techniques whose objective is to achieve a high position quickly and effortlessly, regardless of the cost.

These actions often go beyond the questionable and even become dangerous for the company, as they deal with harmful elements in the market as a whole.

Top Black Hat SEO Techniques

In order for you to be able to avoid this type of activity on your website, fiscal printers, and always be aware when carrying out your SEO actions, it is necessary to know some of the main techniques and how they can harm the company as a whole.

This type of action seeks a greater understanding of its capabilities, and of how these long-term techniques can be harmful to the company's image, both with the public and in search engines.

This is because it is even possible to suffer a ban from these platforms for the thoughtless action with this type of resource, which makes it very important to know and avoid these strategies as much as possible.


Cloaking was one of the first black hat SEO actions, and the term means “disguise” in English. It is about creating a “disguised” page within the website page, created to confuse the algorithms.

On the first page, for the search engine, all the work is carried out with quality. The page is optimized, has all the references and keywords possible to achieve a good positioning.

On the second page, which is where the user arrives after clicking, the page has a much inferior experience, usually with advertisements and poorly elaborated content, since there is no concern in working with this type of activity.

doorway pages

These pages are created to deceive both users and algorithms. It is a page whose only function is to rank well in the search engines and be found more easily.

They are usually created with popular content to trick users into entering, such as texts about starting key, and on this page are automatically redirected to a different website. While there is no relevant content on this bait page, it is well optimized.

This allows search engines to find you more easily, although there is no concern about the quality of the browsing experience.

hidden content

Another way to apply Black Hat SEO within content production is to use hidden material within the page. This format was quite popular before search algorithms were updated with more powerful artificial intelligences.

The idea was to create links and place keywords hidden in the text, causing searches not related to the site to end up taking users to it. This type of action considerably increased viewing on these sites.

However, today it is a type of content that is easily identified by search platforms, which punish and reduce the ranking of pages that try to use this type of tool.

Duplicate content

This is one of the most unethical ways of working. These are people who create “fake” websites, with the aim of plagiarizing content that is in a good position of a automation company with search engines.

Most algorithms have anti-plagiarism mechanisms, and remove any type of duplicate content from searches. In this case, both the original material and the copy are removed from the air.

Care must be taken, however, as algorithms have zero tolerance for this type of content. Therefore, copying and pasting items within your own page, such as product descriptions in an e-commerce, can end up being confusing.

Therefore, the ideal is that the content is always original, avoiding any kind of long-term problem with your ranking and not putting your company at risk of being confused with sites that practice black hat SEO.

negative SEO

Negative SEO is another way for unfair competitors to scam and harm people who are doing the right thing. It's about spreading competitor company links on low-quality or toxic sites.

In this way, the algorithms have identified the company as untrustworthy and will decrease its ranking. Therefore, it is very important that any company on the internet is aware of external links and how it is being related.

Ranking has a strong impact in relation to activities of link building, and a lot of attention is needed to avoid falling victim to this type of practice.

Final considerations

Black Hat SEO is a tool that should be avoided at all costs. The unethical and in some cases even illegal actions make the company look bad, both among other companies and with the general public.

Being on the internet requires care and attention, which often means avoiding activities that at first glance seem to generate quick results. That way, you can keep your integrity and ensure the quality of your material.

Avoiding Black Hat SEO is one of the main ways to stand out in the market and become a leader in your niche. 

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