9 software that can help in the management of your company

We live in times when technology goes hand in hand with the corporate environment. Adopting modern solutions in different management processes is no longer something optional for companies, becoming a matter of survival in the market. Regardless of the purpose of the tool, all are of great importance in terms of productivity and automation, ensuring a much more fluid and efficient operation.

Here we separate nine highly recommended management tools for saving time and resources, in addition to reducing expenses. Check out:

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RD Station CRM

CRMs (Customer Relationship Management, or Customer Relationship Management) are one of the main software used in the current market. These are tools that aim to centralize all the most important information about new and old customers, allowing you to automate marketing processes and create personalized ways to interact with your audience.

In Brazil, the most used software of its kind is RD Station CRM, which offers a free trial plan or a premium model with all its features. The tool includes a sales funnel, automatic email triggering, data import and export, reports and even a virtual phone, making it possible to call customers directly from the platform.


Nibo is a very practical financial management software, making it possible to centralize all the most important things about the department in a simple and effective interface. The software allows you to monitor cash flow, organize accounts, automate collections and even share information directly with the responsible accounting office, facilitating this bridge with the company.

Nibo is useful both for companies and for accountants themselves, so it ends up being a recommended software for both.


Zoho is one of the oldest sales software on the market, providing many of the key management features at a considerably lower price than other more modern options. It lets you track the entire sales cycle, provides periodic reports, has compatibility with Outlook and even works as a digital document organizer.


Trello is a more targeted software for workflow organization and task delegation. Through it, it is possible to create different tables and columns, specify attributions and mark only the collaborators responsible for each item.

In addition to helping with task tracking, the tool also allows you to set deadlines (notifying you when something is overdue), attach files within the platform itself, and track metrics. They are useful functions for companies of any segment and it is still possible to use all its resources (in limited quantities of frames) with a free account.   


Agendor is yet another CRM software that analyzes the customer's buying journey. It stores all of each individual's contact information and transaction history, making it easier to define the products you are interested in and other factors that can be decisive in closing a sale.

The tool is also useful for tracking all interactions with customers, in addition to having a virtual assistant for support and guidance regarding the next stages of the sales funnel.

Hubspot Sales

Hubspot Sales is one of the leaders in sales process automation and is widely used in the market. adopt a point of sale system is always very advantageous, and this software is one of the main references in the subject both for being complete and for its practicality.

In addition to all the marketing automation related to recommending products, sending emails and managing the pipeline, Hubspot also stands out for its notification system. The manager is informed whenever a customer opens an email, clicks on a link or performs any action that can generate a potential sale.

Like most professional tools, Hubspot Sales is also paid, but it can be used for free for simpler functions. The company also has other software options, such as Hubspot CRM, which can be integrated with other programs to ensure more complete results.


Tiny is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which consists of tools that automate different management processes throughout the corporate routine. In this case, its functions are directed towards e-commerce and the sale of services.

Through Tiny, it is possible to track the principal of each department in one place: billing, products, sales, payments and much more. It is a very useful software for small companies that operate in different marketplaces, as it helps to centralize sales and update stocks more easily.


Pipedrive is another CRM software and one of the market leaders. It has plans for companies of different sizes, seeking to meet the most diverse needs with a good cost-benefit ratio. In addition, it can also be incorporated into other software, so it ends up being a very complete tool.

Pipedrive provides an overview of sales at different stages, seeking to help find possible gaps and points that can be improved to ensure that the public completes their purchases. The tool also helps recommend leads and allows you to track each customer individually on their shopping journey.

One of its biggest differentials is the possibility of using it as your own sales manager, which is a very attractive resource for small business owners.


The ERP of TOTVS, a Brazilian technology company, is a very complete tool that aims to serve businesses in different segments. The software provides financial control functions, inventory management, commercial service and much more.

However, the true differential of TOTVS is its customizable part. A company may not always need all those features, so it is possible to change the software as you wish and make it more in line with the organization's activities. This guarantees total control by managers over every aspect of the operation and also allows adapting the tool in cases of expansion.

For up-and-coming businesses, which are always looking for evolution and changes in the short and medium term, TOTVS is certainly a good choice.