7 ways to incorporate AI into your business routine

Artificial intelligence is already part of the routine of several sectors and works as an aid to the human workforce

Artificial intelligence is already a reality and promises to change business routines. Does that mean she's going to take the humans' place? None of that! The idea is teamwork, with AI assisting in certain tasks.

Recently, the arrival of ChatGPT scared the professionals who work in the field of writing. Whether copywriters, writers or journalists, AI has proven to be quite intelligent when developing texts. However, functioning as in software development, the system is constantly powered.

ChatGPT is probably here to stay, like other AI, but it should not be used as a substitute for human strength, so much so that Amazon, for example, is already punishing writers who produced works using 100% of artificial intelligence. 

Now, focusing on the positive side of this innovation, understand how AI can be incorporated into business routine!

1 – Application development

These are apps specially created to use artificial intelligence to speed up the process. It is used to help with the company's routines and, if there is a subscription option, it generates income. 

An example is an app in which the person can get answers without having to wait to interact with a human being, that is, the bot helps them. In the medical area, for example, applications are already being developed for scheduling appointments.

2 – Customer service

Chatbots are the best example of using AI in customer service. Previously, you had to wait for business hours to get responses and this was done via a phone call. 

Now, you can go to a company's website at any time and ask questions. Many of them are solved by the bot itself.

3 – Data analysis

Data analysis through robots helps in faster decision making. All you need is to feed a system the information and then request what you need. 

Previously, this data was analyzed one by one, with the human workforce. Now, in a few minutes, the bot makes matches and delivers the desired results.

4 - Human resources

LinkedIn itself already uses some artificial intelligence resources, but it is not just the professional social network that uses AI in the area of human resources. 

The initial selection processes can already be passed on to intelligent applications that manage to compare the curriculum with what is sought in the vacancy.

5 – Online security

Data security is also done by artificial intelligence, which quickly identifies improper access or attempts to invade systems. One example is account authentication and recovery. 

You are asked to photograph your face and who does the analysis to verify that the account really is yours is the AI. Another form of action is to protect against kidnapping and information leakage.

6 – Marketing

Marketing uses artificial intelligence. From the process of customizing ads, helping the company understand which would be the best targeting, to content production. 

The example shown right at the beginning of the text, from ChatGPT, is a great research aid to develop more complex texts or think of innovative ideas for content.

7 – Health

The health area is where artificial intelligence is most applied. But calm down: this does not mean that you will be served by robots, as seen in science fiction movies. In fact, the idea is to better manage patient data and even control equipment.

Today, there are even systems to generate a medical prescription online, with the doctor's stamp below, in order to facilitate access to certain medications. It is also easier to access the entire medical record and direct the treatment, with a quick and accurate diagnosis.