Why the fight between Homosexuals and Religious?

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Today I want to write about an offline subject that bothers me and certainly generates a lot of controversy. I want to discuss the fight between religious people who follow the Bible and LGBTQ + homosexuals ...

Why am I writing this article? Well, directly I come across a post on social networks and see these discussions. So as this is my personal blog, instead of wasting time writing a long comment, better leave it all in one article and just send a link in these posts.

Both sides are wrong and make several mistakes. Some religious people are really homophobic and have no respect for the LGBTQ + community, only the same thing happens in reverse.

Many in the homosexual community are atheists and simply despise religious beliefs. Both sides end up being hypocritical and doing exactly the opposite of the goal they want to achieve.

I don't want to offend either side. Unfortunately every human being has a way of interpreting the text, so please, I tried my best to avoid any expression that ends up generating hatred and discussion. Let's see if I got it lol.

The error of religious people against LGBTQ +

I think both sides are aware that god is love, and that he loves all people. He also gave free will to people to do what they want and when they want. Rather, religious must fully respect people's decisions without acting with homophobia or exclusion.

In the same passages that the Bible condemns homosexuality, it also condemns fornication (premarital sex) and adultery (jumping around, extramarital relationships). The Bible also condemns many other things related to sex, even obscene language should not even be mentioned among Christians.

If a Christian had to act disrespectfully towards a homosexual, he should also do the same thing to those who have sex before marriage (99% of people) or practice other forms of sin. So, a Christian who excludes or disrespects a homosexual, is being very hypocritical and a great idiot.

It is much easier for a heterosexual Christian to be repulsed by homosexual practice than by premarital sex or immoral things. Especially because everyone has a strong carnal desire for sex. That is why a certain different treatment of Christians with homosexual things differs from heterosexuals.

I myself feel the need to skip scenes of homosexual kisses, just as I skip scenes of sex or extreme violence in movies and series. I don't believe this is a form of prejudice, I just don't want to see it because I think the practice is wrong and also because I'm straight and I don't like it.

Now some homosexuals may be offended because I said that I don't like to see simple kissing scenes because I'm straight? But do I also have no free will to decide what I watch or not? I think we all have the freedom to like or dislike something.

I hate funk, but I don't hate funkeiros. I hate android, but I don't hate users. The only people I hate are haters and fanboys without the mental capacity to reason. And yet I always argue in the game forums in a behaved and respectful way.

If I don't like something, it's normal to stay away from things related to it. If I want to avoid getting involved with obscene language, I stay away from people who use this language, but I have no hatred, prejudice or disrespect towards these people.

There was a time when I had a huge hatred for Brazilian culture. I even went so far as to hate many Brazilians, sometimes I saw a young man on the street and already thought: “This guy looks like a thug”.

I don't want to be disrespectful, but it turned out that naturally I created and played people without even knowing them. I even went to a psychologist to understand why I hated Brazil so much. Don't be that kind of person!

If you are a religious person, never treat anyone disrespectfully just because they are part of LGBTQ +. The fact that the person practices something that you consider to be a sin, does not give you the right to judge or treat him in a disrespectful way.

Be careful when trying to tell the person that he is committing a sin. Most homosexuals are not Christians, trying to convince you to leave your lifestyle is the same as trying to speak Portuguese with a Japanese who does not know the language.

The error of homosexuals against religious

Not only the homosexual community, but practically all movements, whether machismo, feminism, vegan, political and even religions, have a tendency to criticize, not accept and despise people who have different thoughts than theirs. 

Just walk through the comments of gaming and technology sites to see the hatred among visitors who have different tastes and thoughts. Unfortunately our world is full of hate and disrespect, regardless of the cause. 

It is normal for people who have a certain thought to try to expand their ideas into other people. It is also normal to be sad, disappointed and angry at people who do not share the same ideas as us.  

The truth is that nobody is respecting the right of choice and thought of others. Today we live in the age of the politically correct, at the same time that the world is being twisted in an environment without law and full of disgrace. 

In the same way that homosexuals want to have respect for their right to choose. They also need to respect religious people who believe that such a practice is wrong. This has absolutely nothing to do with prejudice, homophobia, disrespect or the like.  

You shouldn't criticize and hate a movement entirely because of an unhappy and insignificant human being who did a certain thing against you. If a religious has offended you or acted in a prejudiced manner, simply hate him and not god or religions. Unfortunately people have a tendency to generalize things.  

Homosexuals already have the free will to do whatever they want with life. If they fight for respect, I believe it is understandable that they respect the decision of religious to remain exempt from matters or to decide not to support the cause.  

At no time is this a lack of respect, prejudice or homophobia. I think that the LGBT + community should respect the right to choose religious or not, to choose a neutral position. I know this is difficult, since today we live a war between the right and left in politics, where those who prefer to remain neutral, are strongly criticized for not taking sides. 

There is no one right or wrong, so long as neither side exceeds the limit of the ethical and respectful. If you are treated with disrespect, run after your rights and justice, but don't be randomly discounting people who try to follow a lifestyle based on their own principles. Try to put yourself in other people's shoes. 

Hatred only breeds more hatred. Certainly, homophobia, prejudice, racism and things like that are unacceptable and need punishment. But I think it is unnecessary to lower yourself to the level of the aggressor. So think carefully and analyze the situation before getting into a fight with people who have different thoughts than you do. 

If god condemns homosexuality, why did he raise me like this?

The struggle that a homosexual faces to resist pressure and desires is the same struggle that a heterosexual needs to face to resist sex before marriage (fornication) and other practices condemned by the Bible.

Of course there are differences, unfortunately a homosexual suffers prejudice even from people without religion, but religious people also suffer from the atheism of atheists and others. The reality of this world is that even religious people surrender to sin. There is no one perfect, everyone is wrong.

A religious is no better than a homosexual and vice versa. There is no one better than anyone, everyone suffers problems, everyone faces consequences for their choices. Some suffer less, others suffer more, the important thing is to face the challenges with a smile on your face instead of problematizing everything.

If you find it difficult to be homosexual because of society, you are not special and you are not alone. Many people face problems that can be just as difficult. Some don't even have the pleasure of being born with the possibility of having sex.

Others are born blind, deaf, crippled or sometimes worse, are born in good condition but end up having their whole lives upset because of an illness or accident. You are not exclusive because you are homosexual, hatred and racism dominates everywhere.

Do not hate yourself or hate other people. Be proud of yourself and try to get the best out of other people. You don't have to be LGBT + to suffer criticism, hatred or prejudice, life itself is difficult. Use your differences to your advantage and not against!

People make fun of me for not having sex before marriage. People criticize for strongly following beliefs and for failing to do things that they find fun. I also suffer a lot of pressure and prejudice for trying to do what I think is right.

If you are an atheist or a non-Christian, why bother with other people's beliefs? Why not just worry about your rights and the homophobia you face? Now, if you are a homosexual who believes in god and believes that your lifestyle is wrong. You can beat this trend.

Homosexuality has been present in the Bible from the beginning. Many became eunuchs and served in the temple, it may be that they had homosexual desires. It may seem unfair to sacrifice your natural desires, but I I believe that this is the only correct way to serve the God of the Bible.

Many distort the word of God making it increasingly accessible for any type of person to be saved without making any effort. God is loving and forgiving, but he is also just and killed most Israelites in the wilderness because of sex.

Well, that already goes into what I believe, and I don't want to discuss it. I believe that if you are going to serve God you have to deny everything about this system, however impossible it may be, but if you think you can't do it, take advantage of your free will and do whatever you want. Real servants of God will not judge you by your choices! Only hypocritical fanatics who act stupidly with homophobia.

I'm not here to talk about my beliefs or preach, because I don't think the internet is the place for that. I just wanted to point out that it is not easy to serve God correctly, I believe it is just as difficult, since you need to lead a different lifestyle from society today.

So, before leaving killing in unnecessary fights! Religious and Homosexuals, have respect for each other. Both have their pros and cons. No one is better than anyone! So be respectful of each other's beliefs and choices. And don't over-victimize yourself, use common sense! Be proud of what you are! Stop taking idiots seriously ...

It is a disease? Was I born this way?

From here on I'm including another article that I started writing with some modifications, so it might not have been very nice.

Some religious people disrespectfully say that homosexuals are sick, while some homosexuals feel guilty and say they were born that way. Honestly, both are wrong…

In this part I want to emphasize that sexual option is not defined by birth, but by external influences and by choice. For that reason it can't be called a disease, and even if it was defined at birth, it couldn't… Idiots need to stop using that homophobic expression as a disease, I myself only used that term for keyword purposes on Google.

Another point that I want to highlight here is that, simply because it is a choice and a desire that receives external influences, this already increases a little the family's decision-making authority in exposing their children to certain types of content.

Before we talk about this subject, I want to answer this question that people are not born with a sexual option, but acquire it during growth.

Can People Be Born Gays?

Although I personally find the expression: I was born this way, quite inappropriate, it is possible yes some genetic or hormonal alteration that changes behavior and affects the person's choice of sexual desire.

The studies that prove gay DNA or genes are quite controversial, sometimes a study claims, sometimes a study denies. The fact is that even with studies confirming this gene, he believes that the influence on sexuality is only 1 to 10%. 

Despite being Heterosexual, I myself agree that I have some feminine behaviors, sometimes even more than I should, so it is likely that the person's behavior is linked to DNA. 

Homosexuality according to psychoanalysis

According to Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, people are born neutral without any determined sexuality, and throughout their development they go through several phases that determine their sexual desire. 

In other words, for Freud, all people are bisexual, with a greater or lesser degree of desire for individuals of the same sex, only what happens is that men repress their feminine side and women their masculine side, and homosexuals, on the other hand, let this other side take over flow, this will depend on how the repression took place and its development. 

Some people may strongly disagree with the way Freud characterizes homosexuality, as he often labels it as a perversion or variation. 

But it is worth noting that for him homosexuality was never seen as a problem or something abnormal. On the contrary, the way that Freud names things can be controversial, but for him it doesn't matter if the person has desires for people or stones, just take a look at his research. 

LGBT Influence in the Media Causes Fights

One of the reasons for so much intrigue and hatred between religious people and homosexuals is the LGBTQIA+ growth in the media. Today it is increasingly common for movies to always feature a gay couple and something like that, what we call social inclusion.

The idea is good, but it also causes intrigues among religious people. Who doesn't remember that Gay Kit that we don't even know if it exists, which caused a lot of fights in Brazil?

The LGBTQIA+ community believes that people are born gay and want them to feel free to be what they are. But I really think that a person's sexual choice and option is not just defined by birth, maybe that's what causes so many fights between the religious and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Now that you know that growth affects a person's sexual choice, try putting yourself in the role of the religious parent who doesn't like his child to consume material that talks about gender choice.

Imagine a religious parent who doesn't want his child to be homosexual, not because he's homophobic, but simply because he believes it's a sin, and doesn't want his child to live in sin. He is groundless with so much advertising and content encouraging the choice of sexual option on television.

If he is really born homosexual, that's fine, it's up to the father to respect the child's decision, but this idea that the person is born homosexual is quite controversial, which makes parents really not want their children to consume such content afraid of being influenced.

In the same way that such content can affect a child's sexual choice, its absence can also affect the way it treats LGBTQIA+ people, so it is quite controversial to think about this issue.

Even because religious parents will try to teach their children that homosexuality is wrong. The big problem is that by doing this, they forget to teach that people make their own choices and that we should respect them.

For this reason, when you see someone criticizing a LGBTQIA+ scene or covering a child's eyes on television, don't consider it homophobic, just try to think about why the parent is doing it.

Parents have full authority with their children until they turn 18, whereas you have no authority over other people's children. The best thing to do when you think someone's child is being taught to be homophobic is to try to make a friendly conversation with the parent.

Can you imagine cursing the child's father? It will only increase the hatred… Don't be an idiot… Try to reason correctly and put yourself in your father's shoes.

The Influence of Pornography

Today, children discover pornography at an early age, another major influencer on people's sexual orientation. Perhaps this is the main cause that affects people's sexual preference.

Pornography is the biggest culprit in people's sexual influence. I say this from experience… Although some deny their influence, they directly affect sexual tastes and preferences, not just fetishes and the like. 

Not to mention that pornography also elevates desire in an abnormal and unhealthy way. 

I'm not saying that someone's sexual choice or preference is abnormal, because that could be considered homophobia. I'm just saying that pornography makes sex out of control. 

Because of pornography there has been an increase in the number of marital infidelity, and it has even affected people's desire for real sex that can often seem dull because of the things seen in pornography. 

Imagine a bunch of 10 year olds who haven't gone through all the stages to develop their sexual preference being a porn addict? 

Many started watching heterosexual pornography videos, but over time they ended up creating a curiosity for other sexual forms. 

If parents are so concerned about the content their child watches, they need to be careful with cell phones and computers, because unfortunately children, no matter if they are religious or not, can easily fall into pornography addiction. Something that for the religious is already wrong, regardless of the type.

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