Why are many producers no longer having affiliates?


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Have you noticed that most digital products have closed membership? Most of the great producers of Hotmart, Eduzz and Monetizze are simply putting aside the idea of ​​using affiliates to advertise their products, have you ever wondered what are the reasons for this?

Being an Affiliate today can be frustrating

Although it is still possible to generate a lot of income, being an affiliate is not something stable. Recently the biggest product that advertised decided to leave Hotmart without giving advance notice, making more than 2500 hot leads generated in one year go down the drain.

It is a product that earns me over 30,000 a year, imagine my indignation at all these events? The producer was very angry for not telling me in advance that he was going to change platforms, causing me to continue running advertising for more than 3 months between releases.

Of course, this article is to talk about why producers don't like affiliates as much as in the past. Still, I decided to comment on this case to discourage you from affiliate work and hunt for a way to sell your own product.

Affiliates give headaches

Digital Marketing is becoming massive, more and more people are registering with Hotmart with the hope of earning easy money, many of them without any computer experience. Some end up buying courses that teach unpleasant forms of disclosure.

Many affiliates end up doing spam on social networks, facebook groups, sending direct messages through whatsapp, sending email to purchased lists and much more. I myself am irritated daily by affiliates and producers who email products that I have no interest in.

Many producers do not want to have their courses linked to these spam and massive and irritating forms of dissemination. For this reason, most producers prefer to leave their affiliations closed at Hotmart and approve only those who present their form of disclosure or who really know how to work.

Although I hate this function, some activate a system that deletes affiliates who are unable to make a sale in a certain period in order to eliminate the inexperienced. I think this is unfair, since sales also depend on the producer's sales page, who have sites like mine that live on organic, end up being harmed by this stupid function that Hotmart invented.

Why are many producers failing to have affiliates? - advantage of being an affiliate

Producers sell more than affiliates

The great truth is that today, producers sell more alone than with the help of affiliates, thus making a greater profit by spending less. Today is very easy make sales when you have a loyal audience and good paid marketing with ADS.

For most producers, it is much more profitable to pay Facebook to advertise than to pay an affiliate who just falters. I don't like that, since they are making Facebook richer instead of helping the needy, but I don't take the reason for wanting to maximize profit.

What's better? Pay a few dollars for Facebook ADS to convert or pay 30 to 60% of your total profit for an affiliate to sell your product? I believe this is one of the main reasons why producers don't like working with affiliates anymore.

Why are many producers no longer having affiliates? - adsense ads

Affiliate Spending

Sometimes it doesn't pay spend time and attention teaching affiliates, passing rules and orders, giving incentives and awards to those who sell more. Many affiliates do not want to work with low commission products, today many focus on products with 50% or more commission, which hurts producers.

Why spend time and money on people if you can just leave everything on automatic? Everyone knows that messing with people is complicated and boring. Do you think you have to deal with the shit that affiliates do?

I remember that my producer closed affiliations for affiliates who erroneously advertise, one of those affiliates who used a minisite, modified the site to speak ill of the author's product. The producer had to take that affiliate to court.

Have few affiliates

If you are a producer or an affiliate, remember that it is good to work together and with a few, so you can give due attention, make a friendship between producer and affiliate, in addition to increasing the conversions of both.

My main product for the promotion of my other niche, it has very few affiliates, I am one of the few that remains and I am the one who make the most sales of it. All of this organically without spending on ADS. I have direct contact with the producer and his team, I receive tips and even bonuses.

For the work between producer and affiliate to be satisfactory, it is always good to maintain a closer contact and friendship rather than simply staying in one corner doing something harmful to the other.

Especially because affiliates aren't the only ones who do shit. Many producers end up unintentionally deactivating the hotlead, activating harmful functions that they don't even know exist. I already wrote an article that talks about it, we recommend reading about Affiliates, be careful not to be cheated!

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