Why did I drop out of school and decide not to go to college

Have you thought about stopping studying? Many young people, mainly in high school, end up dropping out of school and studies. I was one of those people and in this article I want to explain why I decided to do this and what the benefits and losses were.

How did I stop studying?

I don't know where I heard that, but at 16 a child is no longer obliged to study. I personally never liked school, I always wanted to stop studying, so when I turned 16 I decided to drop out of school at the beginning of the second year of high school.

Of course, I was not abandoning my future, I already had everything planned. As soon as I turned 18, I finished high school with a supplement. Nowadays it's even easier, you can complete high school for free through the Encceja exam.

Por que eu larguei a escola e decidi não fazer faculdade

I enjoyed studying, taking exams, assignments and talking with teachers and other students. I just never liked the time wasted every day, which could be used in a more profitable way. Of course there are other reasons involved ...

Of course, a child needs to learn at least the basics of life in schools. However, many of the things taught are unnecessary and students don't even want to remember anything afterwards. There are more practical ways of teaching these things.

Another major problem is the bad influence that Brazilian schools have fixed on the minds of young people. Unfortunately, the school is a factory to create malefactors. If I had a child, I would probably put it in an elite school or pay a private teacher.

I never believed in schools and colleges

Nowadays the system wants to force you to finish your studies, go to college, get a job in a company and live your routine life working on the same thing 8 hours a day for the rest of your life. I hate this lifestyle.

Of course, not everyone can or can get out of this routine, because we need these people for the system to continue working. This does not mean that you in particular cannot get out of this routine and have a different lifestyle.

Unfortunately, this has consequences. People will criticize you, say that you are risking your future, they think you will never be someone in life if you don't finish your studies. They believe that an independent person has an unstable life.

Por que eu larguei a escola e decidi não fazer faculdade

I think exactly the opposite! I see people graduating, going to college to later find a depressing job, with a horrible salary and still get fired without a doubt, without mentioning those who do not find a job.

I personally find a job in which you manage, you command, you manage, much more stable. If it fails, it's entirely your fault, you don't depend on other people. Those who fail are because they give up and do not persist!

Not everyone can have an entrepreneurial mind, but they think they are intelligent because they have gone to college, when in reality they do not understand anything about this world. College doesn't make people smart.

True knowledge outside of college

I have already considered taking colleges in specific areas of computing or languages ​​like Japanese, due to my lack of discipline in acquiring knowledge on my own, but I only considered it.

The methods used for learning in schools and universities are somewhat traditional and backward. Nowadays people have discovered more efficient study techniques such as spaced memorization.

Por que eu larguei a escola e decidi não fazer faculdade

Of course, it all depends on the area you want to work and work. There are areas that a study and college are indispensable. But if you want to go to college just to acquire knowledge for yourself, it may not be the best investment.

Talking to several digital entrepreneurs, many comment that their biggest mistake or the biggest waste of time was going to college. Some have taken full advantage, but soon they realize that it doesn't take much knowledge to have a great career.

Drop out of school, but never stop studying

Even if you drop out of school, never stop studying on your own. As much as I hate schools, I hate even more stupid people. If you want to drop out of school or stop attending college out of laziness and to do nothing, better to stay in school.

Nowadays the world is full of dumb people, all due to the lack of interest in studying and gaining knowledge, even if they graduate or not. Even if the person no longer studies, he should always seek knowledge, whether reading books or articles.

You can learn more from the world even through movies, series and music, so never stop searching for knowledge, no matter what way you use it. Seek diverse knowledge and not just things that interest you.

Por que eu larguei a escola e decidi não fazer faculdade

Studying exercises your brain and makes you more capable and prepared for life. Studying is like exercising in a gym, it can be tiring, but the future results are many.

When I left high school, my Portuguese was horrible. As I ended up becoming a website author, in the beginning my texts had many more errors than nowadays. Even without studying directly, my writing improves every day seeing my mistakes.

Most businesses and projects end up failing due to lack of knowledge. Even if you want to become a digital entrepreneur like me, knowledge and study is necessary and routine.

I have come across several people trying to exercise a profession like mine, but they seem uninterested in learning and solving things on their own, always depending on others or not doing things alone.