What are diamonds for in Free Fire and how to get free diamonds FF

Getting free diamonds on Free Fire is a difficult task when the FF player still doesn't have our tips on how to get these much desired ones Dimas, owning the most diamonds in this Free Fire game is important to help you move around and win matches in this adventure world and improve your player avatar to be the winner of the battle to be. but how do you get diamonds? In addition to game recharge Fre Fire, we are going to show you many tips on how to get diamonds in the Free Fire game, stay until the end to find out.

How to get free diamonds easily in Free Fire game

when participating in a battle in the game Garena Battle Royale Free Fire, you will find that your opponents in Free Fire may have better weapons than yours and since you always want to be the last to die, survive the game and win the game, your avatar must be equipped with the best equipment and weapons available in the game, but to be a player with the best accessories you must have diamonds and use them.

Diamonds in Free Fire represent the in-game payment system, so getting them is not easy, because with diamonds it is possible to get everything that is being offered in the game. The easiest way to get diamonds on Free Fire is to buy them with real money at game recharge Free Fire. However, in this application there are many payment methods as well as many offers. Promotions and diamond combinations that can make you rich in the game.

The Free Fire game offers its users several ways to buy or recharge diamonds game and therefore the process of getting more DIMAS FF in the game is well known. One of these ways is within the game itself, through applications such as Google Play Store or Apple Store, as well as you can make the purchase through Pagostore app.

Free Fire game recharge packs

The Free Fire game offers basic offers in the game recharge of 100 diamonds for 1.09 euros, intermediate offers that offer 1060 diamonds for only 10.99 euros and many more expensive ones, such as 5,600 diamonds for about 56.99 euros, also in this sense you can make game recharge levels in which you can get 100 to 400 diamonds in dimas ff recharge.


Another way to get diamonds in Free Fire is by buying the weekly cards that the game offers you or paying for subscriptions. These promotions allow you to buy more diamonds for less money.

Because the offers are cheaper than those presented above, for example, a weekly 7-day VIP card costs only 2.22 euros, while a weekly 30-day VIP card costs around 8.99 euros.

Finally, among other things, you can buy Diamond Royale tickets, but these are only available in the Diamond Royale section, which is very exclusive in this game, as on some occasions you can get them as a reward in events held, you can exchange the tickets for boxes of diamonds as soon as you get them.

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Diamonds are used to upgrade your avatar Likewise, by purchasing exclusive skins and skins, you can buy weapons, equipment, pets, other characters and everything else you need in the game with these useful tools, and a very easy to get they are for a friend i want to help you give you diamonds.


All of us who are or were PLAYERS of some game or video game platforms know that in most of them there are several types of coins or gems to obtain improvements and gameplay in the game, that is, tradable objects that allow you to buy items from the same game. There are usually always free gems, coins or diamonds that are earned simply for fulfilling certain game requirements like winning games, prizes, leveling up, etc. Or just collect them there. It is possible to get free diamonds on Free Fire also with

Instead, there are the popular and always sought after ff players, the diamonds which are the paid coins or premium, in this case diamonds. This type of currency always stands out from the usual ones, as it gives access to all kinds of items that cannot be purchased in the Free Fire game with a common currency, therefore, they tend to be much more special, powerful and rare, and therefore coveted. by the majority of the User. See what is the

In the game Free Fire there are diamonds, as we said, but what can we buy with diamonds? The catalog of options for items that can be obtained with Free Fire diamonds is extensive, in which we can find: pets, weapons, skins, cars, Free Fire elite pass, etc. some permanent.

As you know, you can spend your diamonds on all kinds of items. We recommend investing in characters with good characteristics, skins, pets and cars.


With Free Fire game recharge it is possible to get diamonds in Free Fire quickly, but if you want to recharge diamonds in the game without spending money, that is, free, you can do several things that we are going to show you here, although we warn you that this is a process that will take time and you won't get many diamonds right away, but you will collect little. a little, first you can complete the missions that Free Fire adds. Completing them rewards you with a handful of diamonds for each.

Just as you can redeem codiguin FF, these codes are gifts that the APK offers its players on specific occasions and can be exchanged on the official Garena Free Fire website. These codes are 12 characters long and you can't just use them to get diamonds. but any accessories you want. See below 5 options to get free diamonds on Free Fire.

1. Level up and complete in-game challenges

As with any game, the game itself gradually rewards you as you level up. In Free Fire, to earn some free diamonds, just complete the game's missions and challenges. In some Battle Royale games, even these rewards can come in the form of gems, which are diamonds in this case.

2. Play in special events and complete missions

There are many forms of special events and occasions with rewards of diamonds, gems or premium coins in video games, many of which you can even win prizes for participating without winning. in free fire game highlight events like Diamond Royale or Burning Skull Box etc. These events give you access to rewards in one form or another like skins, characters, ranks, etc. And in some cases you can even earn diamonds.

3. Report bug

A bug is an error within a platform due to a typographical error, an error in the design or development of the game. Mistakes make us fail in gameplay, world design, character design, etc. Have you ever seen these FIFA players colliding and merging or when you could walk into the walls of GTA San Andreas?

The purpose of this method of earning diamonds is that users who manage to report the most unknown bugs to the system can earn good amounts with it, in fact they can earn up to 3000 diamonds.

4. Redeem codiguin ff as a gift

Gift codes are a good way to win prizes in Free Fire, through codiguin FF we can get all kinds of prizes such as characters, skins, cars, pets, weapons, coins, etc. , but it's never too much to trust.

5. Receive a gift from a friend

In many video games, you can also get great rewards from your friends, either through referral rewards, by being invited to play, or by their choice. Free Fire is no exception, but if a friend wants to gift you with a diamond, he must buy one of the gift packs to send you.