Integrated Marketing Communication: main benefits for your company

Find out how this strategy can help leverage your business.

Currently, with the expansion of the influence of social networks and the growth of the internet, competition for products and services has increased. That's because, in seconds, you can have several options of what a customer is looking for, as well as recommendations that can lead them to choose another product. 

With this, it is important to stand out in the market and add value to your brand in order to build customer loyalty. Social media brings benefits to merchants, such as in-app payment, delivery fee included in the value, in addition to reaching a greater number of people.

However, with competition, employers are looking for new marketing and management strategies to stand out in the market and win over their consumers. Thus, they resort to strategies and teachings, greater investment in the area of marketing and communication, in addition to visual communication. One of the strategies sought to solve any communication problem is the Integrated Marketing Communication.

What is Integrated Marketing Communication

Integrated Marketing Communication is the set of actions strategically carried out to add greater value to a brand. These actions depend on joint planning with other areas, in addition to Communication and Marketing, to have a broad view of the situation. 

Sometimes advertisements, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity and merchandising are used. However, remember: it is a strategic plan. It is necessary that the plan has a focus, that is, it is necessary to analyze the situation to find a solution to a specific problem. Check out some benefits that this planning can bring to your business.

Brand consolidation

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how important it is for a company to be up to date and with a well-established and strengthened brand, people will remember it when they need it. However, for this, it is necessary to have a good administration and a well-planned communication strategy. 

In addition, the presence in digital media becomes indispensable, but it is necessary that all areas of communication go together so that it does not have a different language, in order to create the brand identity.

Monitor, binary, binary system

more efficient strategies

Because it is a strategic plan, in addition to different opinions, the team ends up having more people to create a more assertive marketing plan. After all, each area has a different perspective, which can see the plan from a different angle, supplying possible failures, in addition to creating backup plans and contingency strategies to avoid crises.

team integration

As said, integrated communication planning requires people from different teams to participate. This can promote engagement between them, both in other projects, asking for opinions and different views, or even outside the company, improving the organizational climate, increasing productivity and improving results, which can reflect on the growth of the environment as a whole.

Resource optimization

By creating a team with several areas, your process is faster, since everyone will be working together to solve a problem. Thus, the company optimizes resources and processes that can be time-consuming due to lack of integration and communication between teams. With everyone planning together and dividing the tasks, according to their expertise, it ends up advancing some things.

Increase in results

With the integration of teams, optimization of resources, in addition to efficiency in the strategy, the work is better planned and well done. This, of course, will be reflected in the results. The strategy, in addition to solving a corporate problem, can attract new investors, customers and employees, consolidating the brand, strengthening the image and reputation, transforming your company into a reference in the market.