The ever closer relationship between Twitter and Cryptocurrencies

The world of cryptocurrencies is finally coming together with elements that can add more value to its universe. And this time, the close relationship between Twitter and digital currencies came to a promising end. After much discussion and a lot of reluctance, Twitter finally ended up providing a tool for buying and selling stocks and cryptocurrencies, thus revolutionizing its own system. 

The novelty that became a real attraction for traders, and also for common users who use the platform on a daily basis, ended up being useful, as it enabled thousands of people who, until then, had no contact with this world of cryptocurrencies , have their first access, and can even acquire values of the famous meme currency, all in a matter of a few clicks within the social network platform.

Destroying Twitter

Before seeking to understand the step taken by Twitter in including cryptocurrency trading in its arsenal, it is necessary to know for sure what this social network is for. All people who are attuned to technology in today's world have a great affinity with social networks such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

Being one of the world's leading social networks, Twitter, which was recently purchased by billionaire Elon Musk, has as its original founders, Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Blass. Being a revolutionary microblogging service, Twitter ended up becoming one of the main information vehicles on the web, as it allows its user to have access to personal updates from followers and even gossip from famous people that the person follows.

Knowing this, it will be possible to understand a little more about the step that was taken by Twitter, making this social network even more interesting.

Getting to know the news better

This tool made available by Twitter has joined the vast list of “cashtags” that have already been made available by the network. To make the purchase of cryptocurrency, the user who is logged into his account on the platform can enter the ticker (code) of a stock, index or cryptocurrency, with $ and, in this way, he will have access to data that encompass the real-time situation of the asset. 

It is worth noting that this feature is not available on all devices, restricting its use exclusively to selected smartphones. Through this new tool, which can add value to several areas in the world of virtual business, such as buying and selling cryptocurrency, a new world of infinity can emerge, since through the “power” of a single button, the user who has enough funds will be able to buy and sell these assets.

More changes on Twitter

In addition to the close relationship between the social network and cryptocurrencies being revealed, many other changes will appear on the platform, which had its rival, Threads, recently announced.

A few months ago, before that fact occurred, its owner, Elon Musk, had stated that the acquisition of the social network in mid-2022 would be of extreme help in accelerating his project with the creation of X, in this case, a kind of superapp that would serve for absolutely everything. 

In the mind of the billionaire businessman, the goal of X is to become an app that serves as a social network, marketplace and, on top of that, a search tool, similar to WeChat, a Chinese system that was very successful when the big social networks were not in play.

Now with Threads making great success around the world, it may be that the news for Twitter is revealed more quickly to be able to fight the current rival. But it's good that Musk is fast, after all, the company that was founded by Meta is growing fast on the web.