Reverse Image Search Tools

Do you want to search for similar images on the internet? This tool allows you to do a quick search to find similar images for different purposes, whether finding their fonts, different sizes or possible plagiarism.

On this page you will find the Similar Image Search Tool or Online Reverse Image Search, as well as tips and suggestions on what to do with this tool, as well as recommendations for mobile applications that perform this same function.

Reverse Image Search Tool

The tool known in English as Reverse Image Search it works by placing a URL or a link to the image or by uploading it through the panel below:

The tool below allows you to search for images on Google, Bing and Yandex:

Reverse image search provided by

To make good use of this search tool for similar images, have the image link or file saved on your computer or mobile device ready.

Similar Image Search Tool Utilities

The similar image search tool has many goals, one of them is to simply find the same image in different sizes, uncropped or with better quality.

Some reverse image search to find its original source to give due credit to whether or not such image is copyrighted to be used.

Others use this search to find out if no other site is copying their images, in order to take some kind of lawsuit against the site that is infringing copyright.

You can also prompt people who have copied your images to give them proper credit for SEO benefits like Dofollow Backlinks. The advantages of using this similar image search tool are many.

Reverse image search can also help you identify some fake news or fake profile. You can search for a profile photo to verify that the photo is really of that person.

Pesquisa de Imagem

Using Google Reverse Image Search

You don't need any online tool to do reverse image search, just do the search yourself using Google, Bing or any other search engine that provides this function.

To use this function, simply go to Google Images and click on the camera icon that appears next to the search icon. By clicking on the icon you will have access to two options to paste the URL or upload the image.

Ferramentas de pesquisa de imagem semelhante - reverse image search google
Reverse Image Search

The displayed image results may not be 100% accurate, so we recommend using full image formats, or a good quality image.

Some links may be offline or may be indexed by sites that host images. You can use image search filters to make your results more accurate.

You can also use some google command to filter your searches on a particular site, condition, date, or keyword.

Reverse Image Search Apps

On your own smartphone you can perform reverse image search using Google Image Search or the famous Google Lens.

Google Lens doesn't need any comment, just click the search icon on the camera to make use of this amazing tool from Google itself.

In the Apple ecosystem we have something similar natively, but which also allows you to copy texts, addresses and search for locations.

Of course there are many iOS and Android apps that do extra functions or even allow you to search for elements of a photo taken in real time.

1. CamFind

CamFind is a basic tool that lets you upload a photo or snap one right away to try to find other similar photos that have the same object in question.

With CamFind tool you can search for related images, buy the item, watch related videos, search the web or go through related posts. You can also set a visual reminder and share your findings with others.

Download: CamFind on iOS | Android 

Ferramentas de pesquisa de imagem semelhante - camfind reverse image search

2. Veracity

Veracity is an intuitive visual search engine application. It lets you choose images from Camera Roll or Photo Library, and it can link to your Dropbox account. Veracity offers a basic image editor, but you have to pay to unlock it.

Download: Veracity on iOS

3. Photo Sherlock

Photo Sherlock allows you to search a reverse image directly using your camera. If you prefer, you can also use your Camera Roll to upload photos.

Once loaded, you can choose to crop the image to focus on the main element. The app then fetches a Google image search result.

Download: Photo Sherlock on iOS | Android