List of Domestika Courses in Portuguese

The Domestika course platform is an incredible platform with all kinds of courses related to creativity such as arts, designer, marketing, programming, music and others. They are famous people from all over the world creating several courses available with subtitles and some with audio in Portuguese.

In this article we will share a complete list of Domestika website courses with audio in Portuguese, the vast majority of which are done by Brazilian professionals in the field. I hope you like it, if you still don't know domestika, we recommend you register now on the button below:

Remembering that although not all courses on the platform are in Portuguese, when you buy any course you will have the whole course with subtitles in Portuguese. Support and community in Portuguese, in addition to many courses in nearby languages like spanish.

We recommend that you register in order to stay on top of the entire platform, its operation and also access free courses that are made available monthly to PRO members.

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Domestika Photography and Photo Courses in Portuguese

See below all courses related to photo and photography at Domestika in Portuguese. Just click on the course title to access the course page and learn all the details:

Introduction to family photography (Grazi Ventura)

Learn how to photograph real family moments from preparation to editing and final delivery. The beauty of family relationships often appears in the most ordinary and unusual moments and a photograph taken at the right time is able to freeze these moments in time by telling stories.

Post-production of poetic images in Photoshop (Carol Lopes)

Learn basic color and light treatment techniques and create an aesthetic language in your photo shoot. You will post-produce a set of images to organize them in an essay format. 

Interior photography (Tuca Reinés)

Learn to tell the story of a space with images, from the first steps to the final edition. Capturing in images the essence of a space, with its best angles, lights and shapes, requires technique and sensitivity to be able to express the story behind the walls.

Fine Art photographic self-portrait (Danny Bittencourt)

Learn how to use self-portrait as a form of artistic expression and make impactful photographs. The language of self-portrait allows to transform emotions and personal motivations into meaningful narratives. Specialized in Fine Art photography, visual poet and writer Danny Bittencourt.

Professional photography: career management for freelance (Danny Bittencourt)

Learn the secrets to manage and monetize your career and turn your passion into a profession. Becoming a professional freelance photographer requires a number of skills that go well beyond artistic knowledge. After overcoming challenges in areas such as administration, marketing,

Adobe Photoshop for professional photo editing (Nina Bruno)

Master the best photo editing software from scratch and get professional results. Learn to master the most used photo editing software and get incredible images with professional results.

Lista de cursos domestika em português

Photo montage in Photoshop: create futuristic worlds (Diogo Sampaio)

Master digital tools to compose a scene inspired by science fiction aesthetics. Sci-fi photography intrigues our eyes by conveying realism in improbable scenes.

Storytelling for short film scripts (Lud Mônaco)

Discover fundamental techniques for telling your story through true narrative metaphors. Conveying the power of feelings, translating words into images, is the secret of a captivating script. Through storytelling, writer and film director Lud Mônaco, awarded for the best

Professional retouching for portraits with Photoshop (Robson Batista)

Master portrait photo editing and get professional results with industry-leading software. A reference in the world of image editing, Adobe Photoshop is ideal for those looking to optimize their workflow and meet all the needs of their customers.

Domestika Illustration and Designer Courses in Portuguese

See below all courses related to Illustration and Designer at Domestika with audios in Portuguese. Just click on the course title to access the course page and learn all the details:

Illustrated portrait with botanical elements (Isadora Zeferino)

Learn to incorporate colors and elements of nature in your illustrations and make a stylized self-portrait. Chosen as one of the 100 greatest illustrators in the world by the publisher TASCHEN, Isadora Zeferino is able to convey unique emotions through her features that combine flowers, colors and more.

Flat illustration with Photoshop (Willian Santiago)

Learn digital painting techniques using brushes and create unique compositions with textures. Have you ever imagined combining vibrant colors, organic features, simple shapes and natural textures in a digital illustration?

Lista de cursos domestika em português

Japanese ink illustration with Japanese influence (Mika Takahashi)

Explore the possibilities of ink using techniques inspired by sumi-ê, from the first lines to the finishing touches. Indian ink illustration can be more than a means to express yourself creatively and become a real space for dialogue with other cultures and techniques.

Vector illustration with doodles style (Mauro Martins)

Learn how to create a composition combining several elements from the first drafts to post-production. The same illustration is capable of telling different stories, combining an infinity of elements that capture the viewer's gaze and invite him to a visual game.

Portrait of female characters with Procreate (Natália Dias)

Explore digital drawing techniques by creating imaginative portraits. When it comes to representing female portraits capable of conveying feelings, style and fluidity, every detail makes the difference.

Botanical watercolor for prints (Isabela Quintes)

Learn how to create patterns from your watercolor illustrations and apply them to the printing of any object. Translating the beauty and diversity of the botanical world into watercolor paintings is the great challenge of the Brazilian artist Isabela Quintes who, in a self-taught way, managed to transform them.

Portrait illustration techniques with Illustrator and Photoshop (Rogério Puhl)

Explore digital possibilities to create illustrated portraits with personality from a photograph. Graphic designer and art director Rogério Puhl knows better than anyone how to combine techniques of form and style in his compositions.

Storyboard illustration with Procreate (Davis Lisboa)

Learn techniques to create a professional storyboard for audiovisual productions. Every beautiful audiovisual project is born from a good idea, be it a commercial, a film, an animation or a video for social networks.

Adobe Illustrator: vector illustration from scratch (Marmota vs Milky)

Master the software to create illustrations and graphic pieces like a pro. When it comes to creating vector illustrations, Adobe Illustrator is unanimous among the most important designers and digital artists on the market.

Botanical watercolor: illustrate the anatomy of flowers (Luli Reis)

Learn how to create a botanical board from the shapes, colors and textures of plants. Exploring the textures, contrasts, colors and shapes present in nature can be an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Illustrated children's stories: characters and scenarios (Giovana Medeiros)

Learn how to adapt a classic tale from the illustration, from the sketch to the digital finish. Get ready to see the world through the magical lens of your imagination. This is an invitation for you to reinterpret stories, follow your ideas and discover your way in the illustration of children's books.

Children's illustration with watercolor (Juliana Rabelo)

Learn to create visual watercolor narratives with compositions that delight your readers. Discover the power and versatility of watercolor alongside illustrator Juliana Rabelo, whose illustrations have already featured projects for major Brazilian and international brands such as Maurício de Sousa Produções,

Colorization of photographs with watercolor (carine wallauer)

Learn how to manually color black-and-white photographs using classic photo-painting techniques. Color and photography are two resources of the visual language capable of uniting the world of imagination with the real world.

Graphic illustration laboratory (Weberson Santiago)

Develop your own drawing style from observation and turn the blank sheet into your garden of ideas. For creativity to flow, you have to experiment! And the best ally of an illustrator in this creative process is his sketchbook.

Lista de cursos domestika em português

Fanart illustration with style (Helder Oliveira)

Learn how to develop your own drawing style with illustration techniques in Adobe Photoshop. Expressing oneself through illustration requires more than technical drawing knowledge, it is necessary to know how to navigate the most diverse stylistic paths that this art can offer.

Adobe InDesign from zero to advanced (Leandro Rodrigues)

Master this software and learn to diagram interactive documents and files like a pro. If you are looking for a professional finish for your visual projects, Adobe InDesign is the right program for you.

Adobe Illustrator: graphic design for beginners (Gilian Gomes)

Learn the fundamental tools to create graphic pieces like a professional. Discover the world of graphic design possibilities by exploring the full potential of Adobe Illustrator. Learn, step by step, how to apply the tools and techniques most used by professionals like Gilian Gomes.

Lista de cursos domestika em português

Digital Marketing and Websites Courses at Domestika in Portuguese

See all courses related to Digital marketing and Sites at Domestika with audios in Portuguese. Just click on the course title to access the course page and learn all the details:

WordPress: create a professional website from scratch (Anyssa Ferreira)

Learn the complete process for publishing a personalized website in an intuitive way. Build a website intuitive and functional, while representing your brand, it is essential to connect with your target audience.

Efficient and creative communication for your projects (Marcelo Tas)

Learn how to engage your audience on social media and use criticism as a creative tool. Creatives have an abundance and fertility of ideas, but they often do not know how to turn them into an efficient project.

Copywriting: principles of advertising writing (Erica Igue)

Learn techniques to translate your ideas into words creating powerful texts in different formats. The success - or failure - of an advertising campaign is often linked to how an idea turns into words.

Strategies to stand out on LinkedIn (Rodrigo Focaccio)

Learn basic and advanced techniques to build your personal brand, create relevant content and generate more professional opportunities. Exposing your best professional profile on LinkedIn goes far beyond filling in your name and position.

Portuguese Craft and Crafting Courses at Domestika

Creating a Toy Art: needle felting technique (droolwool)

Bring wool sculptures to life by designing your characters from the ground up. Have you ever thought about creating your own world of characters made by hand? In the Toy Art universe, there are no limits to your imagination.

Introduction to tapestry on manual loom (Diana Cunha)

Learn how to create exclusive tapestry pieces from basic stitches to completion. Combining ancestral techniques to create contemporary pieces is one of the proposals of the Portuguese textile artist Diana Cunha.

Jewelry creation with polymer clay (Marisa Clemente)

Learn techniques for modeling plastic ceramics and create personalized necklaces. Known as polymer clay, fimo or plastic ceramics, this extremely versatile modeling material allows numerous possibilities for creating pendants and handmade jewelry pieces.

Introduction to macramé tapestry (Natalia Corbi (Aram Studio))

Learn how to create textile compositions with contemporary design from geometric frames. Creating with your own hands, using fibers and materials from nature, is one of the reasons that led the textile artist Natália Corbi to fall in love with the macramé technique.

Lista de cursos domestika em português
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Design of hair accessories (Fernanda Guimarães)

Learn how to make your own collection of accessories and crown your brand in the market. Power, personality, tradition and fantasy: a head accessory is able to rescue - and transmit - all these sensations through its materiality and symbolism.

Block printing and digital pattern design (Marta Afonso)

Discover manual stamping with stamps to bring fabrics to life and create a digitally exclusive collection of patterns. The age-old art of manual stamping found new and fascinating creative possibilities in the design of digital patterns. For textile designer and illustrator Marta Afonso,

Fundamentals of typography from A to Z (Álvaro Franca)

Discover the possibilities of typographic selection to convey and enhance your message. Choosing the right typography is an important step in setting the tone of your design.

Portuguese Architecture and 3D Animation Courses at Domestika

Architectural sketching for urban illustrations (yolahugo)

Discover the art of urban sketching and represent your personal vision with perspective and composition techniques. Capturing the urban atmosphere, its dynamics and architecture requires technique, practice and, above all, sensitivity. Architect by profession and urban sketcher by vocation, the award-winning illustrator Hugo.

SketchUp for beginners in 3D modeling (Guilherme Coblinski Tavares)

Master the software tools from scratch and create product, interior, architecture and landscaping projects like a pro. A reference in the world of architecture, landscaping and interior design, SketchUp is ideal for those looking for quick and visually impacting solutions for their projects.

Character design for animation with Photoshop (Caio Martins)

Learn how to bring a cartoon character to life by going through all stages of creation, from the briefing to the model sheet. Translating a character's expressions in a fluid way, combining colors, shapes, volume and weight at the same time can be a great challenge for an illustrator.

Adobe After Effects for beginners (Manuel Neto)

Master software from zero to advanced to create 3D animations, post-production effects and motion graphics like a pro. Undisputed leader, Adobe After Effects is the most complete program on the market to build animations and visual effects.