Learn how voice search works and how to optimize responses

THE voice search it is a recent format, but one that has gained a lot of space among the public, due to the practicality and exploration potential that this research model offers, making the act of searching for information on the internet much simpler.

Through a voice recognition technology, you can ask any questions you have, as well as have a more guaranteed answer, being ideal for people who need to use all the features of their device.

As it is a tool whose main objective is to perform searches without having to type or pay attention to other actions, this ends up being much more comfortable from a business point of view, for example, for a company of surface treatment.

This type of resource is very important for you to be able to explore your full search potential, simply dictating to your smartphone or other device with camera and microphone, generating a series of important information.

The growing use of voice search

Voice research has gained a lot of notoriety, and this not only in Brazil, but worldwide. This format is much more interesting to help people's lives, enabling research in a much easier and practical way about, for example, acoustic treatment.

Because of this, the use of this type of resource has increased considerably, in addition to gaining even more potential when used with other digital voice command tools, such as artificial intelligences for home automation, among others.

Today, with advances in technology and science, it is possible to use a series of elements to notice in the tone of voice a different interpretation of your research result, enabling a much more rigorous control, as this type of action is very important.

The more you use your resources to explore the full potential of this type of action, the greater the impact your company has on the market, especially due to the professionalism achieved with this type of resource in, for example, electrical installation service.

The first thing to pay attention to in voice research is its ease with other elements. Searching for any topic using your voice is much faster than typing text or searching for other ways available in search engines.

In addition, many people are choosing to use their smartphones over computers or notebooks for shopping. Most smartphones allow you to trigger the voice command through the use of an artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, because they use a smaller screen, smartphone users try to use the device in the best way possible, looking for intelligent solutions to meet their needs and explore the device's full potential.

Voice search is often one of the elements used by these users, as it considerably facilitates their potential for using the device.

This allows you to focus on other activities while researching and better understand how to use this type of action, for example, when hiring reflective glasses or any other service.

There is still the question of inclusion in relation to this type of research, since the popularization of voice commands in technological equipment is of great help for illiterate people, with motor difficulties or with visual impairment.

Saiba como funciona a pesquisa por voz e como otimizar as respostas - google analytics
Saiba como funciona a pesquisa por voz e como otimizar as respostas

How to work SEO in voice search?

With voice search becoming more and more frequent in people's daily lives, it is important to know how to use this resource with quality for your company to improve its positioning and achieve expressive results.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of important tools, whose main objective is to improve your ranking with the main search engines.

Today, when a consumer has a need or desire, how to buy custom shirts, he does a search on these platforms.

Through the use of keywords, whether written or spoken, search page algorithms are able to quickly query their databases, creating a list of results in order of relevance.

Usually, the consumer finds what he needs even in the first links that appear, so being among the first results is essential.

For voice surveys, there are some details that need to be taken into account in relation to this type of action, whether it is time to search for manual cancel or for any other item/service. The main points are:

long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are those that form whole sentences or queries, that is, they are more complete, with more information about what the search base really is.

When using a voice command, it is much more likely that the user will ask a question on the platform instead of speaking keywords separately, being the easiest way to find, for example, a calibration company.

Therefore, it is important to know how to better find these answers, ensuring greater potential to explore in your search resources, achieving a more adequate structure to work on these actions.

The best way to explore your capabilities with voice commands is by understanding the meaning the user is trying to make of your question, rather than simply trying to find a keyword in the middle of the questions.

Work with featured snippets

The featured snippets are search engine tools that feature a series of cards with direct answers to questions. After doing the voice search, this is often the first place the user looks for their answer.

To be able to appear in this method, the ideal is to create short, direct paragraphs that present the content with quality and that express exactly what the consumer needs to know.

This way, you considerably increase the potential for your publication to appear in this template, but it is important to keep in mind that this type of action can often take a little longer to update.

Your actions will be better structured if you manage to apply with quality all the engagement potential that your website has to offer, achieving a better qualified structure and more interaction possibilities.

Attention to language

The type of language used in your texts has a strong impact on search results. The more you use technical jargon, unfamiliar words, and more formal and robust text, the harder it will be to climb your ranking.

The idea of content production is that you can access as many people as possible, always aiming to offer the internet solutions of your business, or whatever the service.

Because of this, it is very important to think about how you can use your resources with quality, using a simpler and more natural language, such as dialogue. It must be:

  • Direct;
  • Goal;
  • Use language that is easy to identify;
  • Don't use too many technical terms.

Inbound marketing ends up benefiting a lot from this type of action. This strategy includes engaging and attracting the customer so that he becomes closer to the company, and this is possible with a more interesting language for him.

Improved mobile search

Mobile devices are already an absolute majority in internet usage. The popularization of tools such as tablets and smartphones allowed people to start relying exclusively on these devices to connect.

Today, many people don't even own computers or notebooks, doing everything through these mobile tools. Due to the small screen size, many people still have a bit of difficulty with typing, however.

Therefore, voice research ends up being a much better strategy used in these tools, enabling more interaction and more assertive results for your questions.

Smartphones, as they are created based on telephony, have very well-structured audio tools, which allows you to use this type of tool with more quality and effectiveness.

Immediacy in research

Most voice surveys involve local and immediate actions. Consumers who use the service are looking for some product or service that needs to be supplied when searching, such as finding a food delivery or grocery store.

Therefore, you need to know how to adapt to achieve better results for your establishment, especially if you have a good local reach and want to increase your sales.

The potential use of this type of tool is essential for you to be able to use all its capacity with the voice search tool of search engines available on the market

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Final considerations

Voice research has a strong impact on the market, and its exploitation potential is increasingly qualified. The actions of companies to adapt to this new model have allowed a very important advance for this structure.

Voice search brings a series of benefits that are very relevant to the market, allowing more accessibility and inclusion for these search tools and further increasing the chances of companies closing deals.

Therefore, being prepared to take better advantage of this resource is an important step for you to become a leader in your market.