Did you know that the iPhone is getting cheaper? See why

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It's finally out! To the delight of lovers of high-end phones and also those who love Apple products, the iPhone 15 was officially launched. This is one of the most anticipated events of the year. After all, the new models of this one of the most popular in the world are being announced.

And everyone likes to know what has changed compared to the previous generation, the values that will be sold, in addition to the various improvements, which are always highly anticipated by the public.

One thing is for sure, anyone interested in buying this new device should prepare their pockets, as the prices are not the lowest. In the United States, the value can exceed US$ 1,000. Here, in Brazil, it can be sold for up to R$ 15,000.

But, don't be fooled. Even though in the land of Uncle Sam the iPhone 15 Pro Max can reach US$ 1,199, it is more than confirmed that this is the lowest price for the Apple device since 2007. So, follow the text to understand how this is possible.

Price remains in relation to the previous launch

Apple has adopted a stance of keeping iPhone launch prices the same as last year. Only the version considered the top of the line (Pro Max) had an increase of US$ 100.

This ends up generating great relief in the pocketbook for consumers who like the brand. Since competitors, such as Samsung, for example, launch state-of-the-art devices that can reach up to US$ 1,800.

In other words, this decision by the American company to preserve the launch values of its phones means that, in the end, the devices become cheaper. This is because inflation in the United States continues to rise. From there it is necessary to make a comparison of each model and the conclusion is as follows:

  • the iPhone 15 is the most affordable entry-level model since the original iPhone was released in 2007;
  • iPhone 15 Plus is the most affordable full-size iPhone ever; It is
  • The iPhone 15 Pro is the most affordable iPhone Pro yet.

The Perfectrec website, a personalized product recommendation website, was responsible for carrying out this study. He identified that the price of the devices remained in dollars. But, when compared to inflation, the final value registered a drop in all newer models of Apple phones. For example, the iPhone back in 2007 was initially offered at US$ 499. But, when there was an inflation adjustment, it jumped to US$ 732.

Why are iPhones getting cheaper?

It should be noted that it is possible to identify the volatility of product prices based on inflation. To give you an idea, in 12 months of 2022, a wide variety of goods and services in the United States rose in the CPI reading (consumer price index in translation).

Airfare, gasoline and food were hit hard and registered an increase of 8.2%. An increase so large that it was only seen, for the last time, in the 1980s. But the “cat’s leap” is now. There is a category of products that has seen major deflation: smartphones, including of course Apple models.

That's where the IPC (or CPI in English) comes in. He is responsible for making price comparisons of identical products, and understood that the value of devices is not falling, but improving.

What happens is the following: comparisons are made, for example, of the price of eggs from one year to another. It doesn't change, it continues to have the same nutritional sources. But, in the case of smartphones, another variable is taken into account.

As the latest generation is more modern, with proven improvements in relation to the previous model, the department identifies that its price is reduced just because it remains at the same value as the old product.

American experts say that the evaluation takes into account screen size, RAM quality, processor speed, phone camera or rear camera, etc. These analyzes take place about twice a year, and then the “quality adjustment” is announced.

From this it is possible to understand whether or not there were new features while maintaining the price. For this reason, according to the CPI, there has been a deflation recorded in the value of iPhones since 2019.

Consumers may have options that are not new

If the price of new models drops, the value of used models automatically drops as well. And this is a market that has been growing more and more in various parts of the world.
Just like some people choose to choose cars used cars, which can have a better cost-benefit ratio, used iPhones can also be a great option for those who like to have the brand's newest devices.