Decentralized Lead Generation: A Game Changer!

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Decentralization is the way of the future as it provides more privacy and data security. Leads are like fuel for businesses and play an essential role in the sales industry.

Today's growing dissatisfaction with the digital marketing ad space is largely fueled by the high-volume, low-quality campaigns in the industry. The duopoly of Google and Facebook over the digital advertising market has resulted in a multi-billion market value. Over 95% of purchased leads go unused despite unprecedented market growth. Due to the low conversion rates and high costs of online advertising campaigns, companies can experiment with a new decentralized method of acquiring leads.

Decentralization has several advantages in leads, and all of these advantages address the pain points of network personas. Lead buyers, for example, demand trust and transparency when buying leads to ensure they are buying high quality leads in real time.

These buyers will have a clear sales history. Buyers can also be confident that they have acquired exclusive rights to contact a lead and that the network will not be biased towards a specific buyer or seller due to decentralization and transparency. Buyers will simply buy leads from their peers who want to sell high-quality, real-time leads.

Sellers also benefit from the decentralized platform because they know that the network will not give any other seller special treatment. Sellers will also be more likely to sell their leads because they will provide complete lead information based on their qualification and verification efforts. This gives sellers the best opportunity to sell their unused leads and recoup some of the lost money.

The network will benefit the leads more than any other stakeholder. Because leads can only be inserted into the network with your consent. Additionally, exclusivity protects leads from being inundated with calls and emails from a variety of different buyers, removing the nasty spam effects of too many contact attempts.

Full qualification also increases the likelihood that a lead will find a good match for their needs. Generally, decentralization offers the best solution for buyers, sellers and leads looking for the right match in their respective transactions.

As shown below, there are numerous advantages of decentralized lead generation.

Geração descentralizada de leads: um divisor de águas! - blockchain
Geração descentralizada de leads: um divisor de águas!

Blockchain Technology

A blockchain is a decentralized database that is shared between nodes on the computer network. A blockchain acts like a database, storing information in digital format.

Blockchain technology makes use of a decentralized platform. The benefit of blockchain technology is that it ensures the fidelity and security of a data record while building trust.

Artificial intelligence

It plays a huge role in decentralized lead generation. The AI analyzes the target audience and makes recommendations for changes to increase the flow of customers in order to recommend various promotions and special offers to increase sales.
Real-time updated data

Traditional lead generation companies sell the same data to multiple customers, data accuracy and data security is lost which creates difficulty where a B2B company buying the leads is unaware of the related information.

A decentralized network helps customers buy new leads in real time, allowing companies to have a good conversion rate.


In today's industry, transparency is a major concern. As a result, organizations have tried to implement additional rules and regulations to increase transparency. However, one factor that prevents any system from being completely transparent is centralization.

A company can use a decentralized network that eliminates central authority and increases the transparency of the system.

data security

Leads are assets to any business. Blockchain technology in the decentralized network provides advanced security so that leads will remain under the ownership of the original business until a transaction is completed; this security will be crucial as people will be importing their valuable assets into the network.

data ownership

By implementing decentralized technology, every lead that enters the sales funnel is securely encrypted, customers have complete ownership of the data. Data is exchanged securely and cannot be tampered with or downloaded by anyone other than the customer, who retains full control over their leads.

Cost benefit

It is not easy to imagine a profitable business without automation of the work process. A decentralized network is cheaper than other centralized lead generation companies.


Decentralization lead generation is a game changer as it eliminates a centralized lead generation system where they sell the same data to multiple customers. As per Hubspot, the average Google Adwords conversion rate across all industries is 27%. Unfortunately, these low conversion rates result in low satisfaction with your conversion rates as leads

Article Written by: Aadil Hameed