3 Ways to Earn Diamonds in Free Fire Free!

In this Guide I will share 3 ways to get free diamond refills on Free Fire! Without having to take from your economy, have the best Skins and items in the game by earning diamonds for free.

It is noteworthy that some of these tips can be applied in other online games. In this article I present 3 ways (or more depending on your point of view) to earn free diamond refills on Free Fire:

  • Using Applications;
  • Using Free Codes;
  • Using Code Generator;
  • Taking advantage of Events, Promotions or Bugs;

Earning through Apps

Maybe you've heard, there are apps that reward coins within the app for people who perform some tasks in the app, these coins can be converted into balance to be used in Android, iOS and Paypal stores.

Well, some apps are a waste of time, but since I have some level of commitment to my audience, I'll bring the best ones! Something that's really worth it, so rest assured.

There are hundreds of apps, if I'm going to talk about each one of them in detail teaching tutorials, it will take a long time. I recommend that you read the Guide to Apps to Earn Diamonds on FreeFire written on my other site clicking herei.

Banking and Social Networking Applications

My favorite apps to add balance for Free Fire are some Banks like PicPay and PageBank and also social networks like Tiktok and Kwai. Both offer good rewards for using the app and referring friends to sign up.

If not read my other guide, in short you can download these applications and look for a field where you add my referral code, to earn some balance. You earn more when you invite people to download apps and enter your referral code.

To leave with a starting balance on the aforementioned apps, download and use my codes below:

  • Our Invitation Code for you to earn money on Kwai is: 343 591 162
  • Our Invitation Code to earn money on Tiktok is: J9082637868
  • Invitation Code to receive money on PicPay is: BS6DTM
3 formas de ganhar diamantes no free fire grátis!

Conducting Surveys, Tasks, Playing and Watching

There are apps that pay you well to perform certain tasks like answering questions, watching videos and advertisements, and also inviting people. Some of these apps are:

  • Dream;
  • Google Rewards;
  • Foap;
  • Big Time;
  • Cashzine;
  • And others;

On our Youtube channel Kevinbk – Games and Apps you find videos talking about each of these apps. You can also see details about these apps on our Apps Guide.

There are apps that pay you to play small games like Hago and Big Time. It's worth making a little effort to have that much-desired Free Fire skin!

3 formas de ganhar diamantes no free fire grátis!

Redeeming Free Codiguins

This method is one of the favorites of the Free Fire community, as Garena is the one who provides these codes. These codes allow you to earn other items besides diamonds like: Rubik's Cube, Rare Skins, Elite Pass and other rewards.

Ah, there are two ways to redeem these codes, one through the website Reward FF and another through the Recharge Game website.

Below we will make these codes available for you, if these codes are not already working, you can rest assured that they are constantly being updated, just come back here at another time.

3 formas de ganhar diamantes no free fire grátis!


  • F29X030YXQ2U- Redeem this code
  • LF32PQX2PT3S- Redeem this code
  • MTVJ137Z81LD- Redeem this code
  • LF32F7H6YBKB- Redeem this code
  • 2C95SRC261HT- Redeem this code
  • FFTQT5IRMCNX – Redeem this code
  • FFA9UVHX4H7D – Redeem this code
  • FF7WSM0CN44Z – Redeem this code
  • FF22NYW94A00 – Redeem this code
  • XBY47AFNNUD6 – Redeem this code
  • FF5XZSZM6LEF – Redeem this code
  • FFA0ES11YL2D – Redeem this code
  • FFE4E0DIKX2D – Redeem this code
  • FFX60C2IIVYU – Redeem this code
  • FFXVGG8NU4YB – Redeem this code
  • R9UVPEYJOXZX – Redeem this code
  • FFMC 5GZ8 S3JC – Redeem this code
  • XLMMVSBNV6YC – Redeem this code
  • FGYT-GVCD-RTYJ – Redeem this code
  • 7711DA7XFCPDW – Redeem this code
  • XLMMVSBNV6YC – Redeem this code
  • BYWL56K44RKH – Redeem this code
  • BGIYCTNH4PV3 – Redeem this code
  • ADERT5BHKPOU – Redeem this code
  • FFMC6UR5ZNJQ – Redeem this code


  • 40914226570735296286
  • 84752384564012336878
  • 14962372577339225331
  • 58159910265637941810
  • 69580095266110552410

Using a Code Generator

Another way to earn items and diamonds in Free Fire is with Codeguin or Code generator. These generators have variables with a good chance of hitting a code on the Reward FF and Recarga Game websites.

What are Codiguins?

Codiguins are codes made up of letters and numbers, which can be used to redeem items within the game. From the so desired Diamonds, but it is also possible to get Battle Pass, Skins, blue and red Angelic Pants… In other words, literally everything important in the game can be redeemed through the Codes.

Codes for example from Reward FF are composed of 12 numbers or letters, the first 5 being responsible for the item he can give. For example, UWRQ2 is from the Red Angelic Pants, all her codiguins will start with this beginning, the difference is in the other digits.

Knowing the starting code of an item from the Free Fire codes, a code generator has a small chance of hitting the rest of the code, thus allowing for an in-game reward. How about trying your luck?

If you are looking for other Code generators, follow the links below:

  • Diamond Generator;
  • Game Recharge Generator;
  • PlayStore GiftCard Generator;

Hope you enjoyed these 3 ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire. We also recommend reading our Guide to Get Free Balance on any game written on kevinbk.com