Troubleshooting Flickering Webcam Lighting Problems

If your camera is in bad quality, the solution is simple, just buy a light for lighting, your camera quality will improve a lot, but then another problem can happen. When making movements, the WebCam often changes the tone or color of the background, why does this happen?

It is a simple problem like those of the headphones not working on one side. I will try to be as brief as possible and also provide a video on the subject.

What's the Problem with the Webcam Light?

I really don't know what the most common words people look for when they have this problem, but I know the solution is simple but hard to find because I don't know the right words.

Below I will leave a list of situations that people often say is the Webcam Problem,

  • When you move your hands, the color of the camera changes by itself, it is oscillating and updating, changing the contrast, brightness or something else;
  • When placing an object on the screen does the Webcam image get darker?
  • Logitech camera setup to auto light off;
  • Camera exposure and shutter time;
  • Exposure to Webcam Light;
  • Camera changing color and tone when moving;
  • Disable automatic exposure;
  • Camera with bugs in colors when moving;
  • Keep the video without changing the colors;
Woman sitting in front of camera

Auto Exposure, the cause of the Problem in Webcams

Usually this error happens because the exposure is configured to be automatic. This exposure to light is responsible for this color change when moving in front of the camera.

In English this setting is called exposure. To disable this automatic setting you need to access the camera properties and change this setting to manual.

In Windows this configuration can be easy, you can access it through the OBS recording program or install some other camera configuration program that has more advanced settings.

In the video below I explain the problem and the solution I found for macOS and Windows:

What if Exposure doesn't solve the situation?

You should also try turning off any settings that are automatic like white balance or even focus, this can end up affecting and creating flickering in the camera capture.

It is worth remembering that the active manual exposure may end up illuminating the objects shown on the screen too much. If you want to display a book in front of the camera, even solving the problem of automatic light change, you can end up leaving the cover of the book very white and lit up.

How to disable Auto Exposure on MacOS?

Logitech until the year 2022 has not officially released its applications for the ARM architecture, although there are camera configuration programs that work on Macs, Logitech has not put the Light Exposure configuration.

Some sites recommend Advanced Camera Settings Software, but unfortunately, it got paid in the App Store and is probably not ported to ARM, with low ratings in the store.

Searching the Internet, on Reddit I found someone recommending the Program CameraController on Github. This program worked flawlessly and is still up to date for the ARM architecture.

How to solve camera lag?

Have you paid dearly for a good quality camera, but find that the video is kind of stuttered, laggy and slow? Probably the cause can also be exposure to light.

The higher the exposure to light, the more laggy the camera will be. This is because such a setting refers to the time the lens is open to capture video.

For this reason, when trying to change the manual exposure setting, see if there is some other setting called Gain, to control gain or light, since the lower the light exposure, the darker the camera image will be.

Solucionando problemas de iluminação na webcam oscilando - rayhc8n

If your lag problem is not caused by the camera gain, but is an occasional lag, check your USB power or USB connection. Perhaps a simple restart of the computer and disconnecting the cable is the problem.

Some camera software can also cause lag on the Webcam, make sure that no program is causing this problem. Hope you find the solution to your problem!