The Fascinating History of Bitcoin: From Creation to Current Success

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Those who believed in Bitcoin's potential in mid-2009 are now “surfing the wave” of its overvaluation.

One thing that everyone knows, even those who don't follow the world of cryptocurrencies, is that Bitcoin is a fully valued asset in the market, reaching incredible values, mainly in the quotation of the dollar against the Brazilian real.

Even though this currency is fully known in every corner of the planet, it is surrounded by mysteries, such as, for example, its creator who, until today, for more than 13 years on the market, still has not shown its true face, making the Internet created several conspiracy theories.

However, beyond this “small” detail, the history of this incredible coin has many fascinating details that can make thousands of people stay for hours studying its trajectory towards success. 

Bitcoin's trajectory to its success

The first interesting fact that everyone needs to know about this coin is that it appeared in the middle of 2008 — the 31st of October to be exact. On that particular day, the alleged creator, or creators of the cryptocurrency, which carries the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, sent an email to a select list of people who had an interest in the crypto world. 

In this peculiar email, there was information about the new electronic money system that was going to dominate the future, offering a completely peer-to-peer system, without any involvement with third parties. In addition to this email, there was also a link to the currency's white paper (manual), containing nine pages that summarized the concepts and fundamentals of Bitcoin.

At that time, the concept of cryptocurrency did not exist, so the chances of the idea flop around the world and this being just another technology to be discarded were great. But even so, Nakamoto followed through with the idea, and by the end of that year, the coin was ready to be mined and used.

However, by irony of fate, the first currency to come into the world only appeared in 2009. A curiosity that until today has not been revealed, as well as the real identity of Nakamoto, is whether the creation of bitcoin coincidentally appeared at the same time as one of the largest US financial institutions closed their doors, starting a gigantic crisis on American soil.

This crisis was extremely ugly, and when you think about it a little, it may have been a big factor that showed many people with high purchasing power, that Bitcoin could hold its own amid the crisis and the devaluation of the American currency.

The near-simultaneity of these events has raised questions for many economists and cryptocurrency market enthusiasts who are curious, and like to study in depth what led to Bitcoin's success. Knowing for sure if what leveraged the currency were the remnants of the financial instability at the time, it is not possible.

Bitcoin after its launch

After this turbulent launch in the midst of the crisis, the term “Bitcoin” began to fall on people's lips and, with the arrival of other cryptocurrencies in the world of blockchains, Nakamoto's creation became increasingly known and valued in the market. And with so much innovative technology that has emerged and is still coming to light for us, the appreciation power of the coin and its direct competitors like Ethereum and Lite Coin, to date, is something unknown and that can reach incredible values.

Knowing a little bit about the fascinating history and the creation of the most promising virtual currency of all time so far, it makes you want to go back in time and invest all the savings saved in Bitcoins, doesn't it?