List of easiest instruments in the world


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Want to learn an instrument quickly but don't know which one to choose? Looking for something easy? In this article we will present the easiest instruments in the world, a complete list with levels of difficulties. 

In your opinion? What is easier to play? Percussion instruments? String instruments? Blowing or with keys? I personally believe that the easiest are keys, followed by percussion, wind and string. 

The difficulty of an instrument will depend on your objective playing it. It is possible to learn the melody of entire songs easily on some instruments, but all of the instruments in this article have a certain depth that would take a long time and skill to master. 

Drum Instruments

Instruments such as drums, box, snare drum, taiko and bongo are among the easiest in the world, as you just hit the drum to get the sound out. Of course, they are deep instruments that only professionals can make certain sounds, but it is within the reach of anyone to play them. 

List of easiest instruments in the world

Another facility is in the way that you can use the instrument. Depending on the drum, it can be placed between your legs, on the floor, on your back, on your head anywhere you want. You can touch it with your hand or a stick. 

Drums appear to be simple instruments, but there are thousands of instruments of the type and variables that you need to understand to make different sounds and rhythms. Yet it is one of the easiest for anyone to learn. 

Among the drum instruments, we can list the easiest as: 

  • Cajón;
  • Bongo; 
  • Drum; 
  • Tabla; 
  • Glockenspiel;
  • Tambourine; 

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Triangle and Vibration Instruments - Idiophone 

The triangle is one of the easiest instruments in the world, all you have to do is hit it. Of course, you will need to have a sense of rhythm. Sometimes it is necessary to use a technique, the movement and the speed you make when hitting the triangle can affect the sound result.

List of easiest instruments in the world

Because it is just a piece of metal in the shape of a triangle, skills are needed to know the right location. See a list with other vibration instruments, the famous idiophones that can also be easy: 

  • Agogô
  • Afoxé
  • Sound block
  • Cajón
  • Carillon
  • Orchestra chime (Tubular Bells)
  • Cowbell
  • Castanets
  • Jacket
  • Caxixi
  • Rattle
  • Ferrinho
  • Ganzá
  • Kisanji
  • Maraca
  • Marimba
  • Matraca
  • Plates
  • Reco-reco
  • Bells
  • Sistro
  • Triangle 

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Ukulele and String Instruments

The Ukulele is a very popular Hawaiian musical instrument with several different variations and sizes categorized as Soprano, Concert and Tenor. It has only 4 strings and you can quickly learn chords and play in a few weeks. 

There are other instruments with few strings like the Japanese instrument Shamisen with only 3 strings or a Banjo with only four. Of course, the difficulty of an instrument will depend not only on the number of strings but on its purpose. 

List of easiest instruments in the world

Viola Caipira, Cavaquinho, double bass, guitar, guitar and violin are other string instruments mentioned in the order of difficulty. With a little effort you will be able to learn to play a string instrument easily. 

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Flute and Harmonic Harmonica - Wind Instruments

Some wind instruments are super easy to play like the flute and the harmonica. In the case of the harmonica, it can be very complex, but many famous musicians play it easily making a horrible sound, but one that appeals to certain types of music. 

That is, just by blowing the harmonica you may be able to make sounds to accompany the music, but making beautiful sounds or even playing the melody requires a lot of experience and skill with the harmonica. 

The recorder is one of the most popular instruments among children and is often used in music classes in schools. It is a simple and objective instrument, just blow and plug the right holes. 

List of easiest instruments in the world

There are other wind instruments that are easy like the clarinet, saxophone, Kazoo, trumpet, whistle, ocarina, trombone, oboe and others. Some are more difficult to master due to the weight and breath needed to get the sound out. 

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Melody and key instruments

The famous esceta or melodica or pianica is one of the easiest instruments in the world. It is a mini piano that uses wind to make the sound. The sound can change in pitch depending on the force you blow into the mouthpiece of the melody. 

It seems more complicated than playing a piano key, since we have to use the wind, but luckily it usually has only 2 scales and is used most of the time just to play the melody of the songs. 

List of easiest instruments in the world

That is, with the melody you play most of the time just one key at a time instead of using several fingers between the thousands of keys on a piano or musical keyboard. Anyone can easily learn to play something on a melodic scale. 

Pianos and keyboards are also on the list of easy instruments. Although they are complex, you can play some music quickly if you learn the correct keys you need to press. But reaching an advanced level can take more time and skills. 

I hope you enjoyed this article. If you liked it don't forget to comment and share it with your friends. Thank you very much and see you next time! If you want to learn to play a key instrument, see our list of courses.

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Books and Courses for Learning Musical Instruments

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