Google Web Stories: What it is, how it works and benefits

O web stories It is a tool that has gained a lot of prominence in the market, mainly due to the results it offers to position itself correctly in the market.

The world has changed a lot with the insertion of technology tools, being part of the daily life of the general public. The process known as digital transformation has really made big changes about this type of activity.

To make life easier for entrepreneurs in this adaptation to the virtual market, many tools have offered quality resources to better understand how to position themselves in the market.

Web stories came up with this type of proposal, originally launched for the image and lifestyle social network known as Snapchat, so the tool proved to be very useful for other digital environments, especially on Google.

The internet giant is much more than a search engine, offering an immense range of services for common users and professionals in the field, largely for free or much cheaper than other tools on the market.

With Google you can do a series of actions, such as:

  • Email management;
  • Cloud storage;
  • Use of office programs;
  • SEO monitoring and optimization.

The last of these elements in particular is very relevant for companies, which depend on a good positioning within the search engines to be really relevant in the market.

That's why SEO has become a fundamental element of its activities within the digital business environment, being a fundamental tool to ensure a good working tool on the web.

The tool is nothing more than a showcase, where you can publicize your work material after carrying it out in your systems, ensuring a much greater visibility to the public.

Google Web Stories is very similar to the Instagram story model, being made up of quick consumer content, usually in video format.

You can work with different aspects of the content, such as subtitles and soundtrack, to make it even more attractive to the end consumer. This material production model has become increasingly popular.

As it is a carousel exhibition, it is common for the end consumer to continue to follow your content, spending much more time generating engagement with your

Since most of these posts only last a few seconds, the customer's attention is constantly captured, ensuring they spend a good deal of time following your material, as long as it's interesting.

Unlike its original platform, which is a social network, Google works with several different tools, which can end up helping it to expand the reach of this type of material.

Web stories do not work in isolation, as is the case with its predecessor, and this is one of the main advantages of the application, which can be optimized to create much more complete campaigns for engagement and sales.

How does the service work?

To use web stories you depend on some crucial items that help you better understand this type of content and the most effective way to guarantee results with it.

As a first step, it is important that the tool is configured within your website to make it a platform capable of publishing this type of content. This can be done with the help of a web designer if your company has one.

People who use specific systems, such as WordPress, end up gaining a greater ease to start using web stories, since it is only necessary to install a plugin and start using it.

Once all the settings are made, you can work better with the web stories, which are in a highlighted area, appearing both on your website and in search results.

To differentiate from the rest of the companies, the web stories are in a specific area, next to Google Discover. This ends up expanding the access potential, presenting your material to many more people.

It is necessary to know how to apply this type of tool to guarantee an adequate result within your possibilities.

Benefits of Web Stories

Now that you know a little more about the service and how it works, it's time to identify the main advantages that using web stories can bring

This is because the benefits of using this type of tool are many, and can make the application essential for companies in a particular sector, especially those that work with more connected audiences.

It is worth remembering that each company is unique in the market, and not always two companies will have the same type of result, even if both are in the same operating segment.

Therefore, adapting this type of material to your reality is very important to ensure a positive result with the use of Web Stories on your page and to promote this type of work.


One of the great advantages of Google Web Stories is its monetization potential. Understanding the great ability of this format to generate new sales, the company added its monetization platforms to the model.

With Adsense and Admanager included in web stories, it is possible to monetize your stories, in the same way as with ads published on a particular website.

To achieve this type of result, you can promote links as an affiliate of the platform, receiving revenue directly from the number of people who are viewing the material.

On the other hand, you can work your sales using ads within the platform, achieving a quality structure for your lead generation actions.

that your company sells on this type of platform can be an excellent way to publicize the company, since the advertisement will appear in several web stories if it is promoted.

link building

Another extremely relevant issue for this type of material is the link building. This is one of the most important elements to ensure good relevance in the market, especially within your niche.

All content entered into Google is indexed by the search algorithm, which includes web stories. When you can externally link this type of content, it ends up generating positive points for your website authority.

This is a considerable difference from story templates on other platforms, mainly because web stories are not limited to a particular platform.

This variety of possibilities and chance of organic growth with Google is one of the main tools to attract audiences to the use of web stories, which has gained more and more followers.

Technical analysis

No type of communication strategy works if it is not closely monitored. You should be aware of changes, mistakes and successes within this type of situation.

Platforms that have a similar type of content usually provide the user with metrics regarding the number of views, accesses and impressions that are placed on each of the images.

However, web stories take the lead again, as the evaluations of this type of content are performed by Google Analytics itself. This means that you will have all the information in real-time access.

In addition, you can identify other relevant metrics evaluated by the Google tool, making it much easier to do a more complete analysis of certain activities.


Videos in web story format are very good for stimulating a series of engagements and interactions with the audience, such as polls, links and other communication tools.

This type of activity helps the public feel more heard by making their consumers more satisfied with the communication work as a whole.

Final considerations

Most major content and news portals have taken advantage of the new tool to create quality material. In this way, they are preparing for the near future in terms of communication.

And this is not just restricted to companies. Individuals, digital influencers and other users of social networks are understanding the possibilities that this type of tool can offer in the long term.

The more you work with these resources, the greater your company's impact on the market, using Google Web Stories to become a true leader in your field.