Digital Storytelling: 10 tips to win over audiences through stories

O storytelling through its meaning, it is associated precisely with the action of telling a story, transmitting the content through an elaborate plot and with resources that enable a positive experience through that moment. 

For example, when using storytelling resources through your briefings and services, you are increasingly moving in a positive way towards success, having a very high quality and winning the public through each project.

After all, with the amount of content and information that comes from the same principle, having this plot and being able to captivate your consumers and the public is something that generates possibilities and a very important differentiation for your company. 

In addition, when thinking about this resource, many imagine these possibilities in a physical way, through meetings, stories and the like. However, digital storytelling aims to highlight these elements and actions through the digital universe.

With that, today we are going to talk precisely about digital storytelling, highlighting its significance, importance and especially some tips to win over the public and see your company facing a rise in the market. 

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling moves in an almost identical way to traditional storytelling, as it uses the same resources to engage and attract the public, only through tools and actions in the digital environment.

Thus, to carry out this attraction, many companies use videos, images, written texts and even stories, always capturing this message and plot and making the public consume and feel attracted through these elements.

Digital storytelling is an incredible tool where even a company can make campaigns a success through an attraction and constant connection with the public provided by this strategy.

Thus, this scenario of attraction is increasingly established, where the company develops contact with the public and makes this scenario emotionally attractive. 

With that, keep following the text and see what digital storytelling is for and how much this resource can be a determining factor in your company. 

What is Digital Storytelling for?

The usefulness of digital storytelling is directly associated with the way in which this resource is established, mainly helping to promote your brand and make the spotlight turn to your company.

Thus, through this kind of indirect persuasion, the public is always motivated to be in your company and to know even more, establishing this scenario of trust and contact between them.

In this way, digital storytelling makes your company and content not just one more in the face of this breadth of information, but in fact, from the first, show your company, show its potential and difference.

Importance and Purpose of Digital Storytelling 

The importance of digital storytelling has a lot to do with the benefits that this technique allows and tends to offer your company, generating a unique differentiation and highlight.

By being able to carry out a well-done digital storytelling, growth for your company is something practically certain, managing to arouse feelings in your consumers that will be crucial for the established relationship. 

Something unique is created in its consumers, making that content be considered in any way, and through that, it has a primordial factor to establish the need and make the sale happen.

Thus, the breadth of this technique is something that runs through the most different media, with this purpose of generating connections and always touching a specific point in your audience.

Digital Storytelling in winning over the public 

When we think about the role of digital storytelling in conquering the public, let's imagine the following situation, when you think of soft drinks and commercials, which brand comes to mind?

In light of this reflection, the most prominent brand in this field is cola, which, precisely, has always cherished storytelling and has become totally outstanding and sovereign in the minds of its consumers.

With this, it is clear the role that storytelling has in terms of attracting and conquering the public, relating and highlighting elements that are essential and tend to be the key factor for the company to become a reference.

How many brands and companies are there in the same industries and with the same goals? Therefore, in the face of so much information, the product is not completely self-sufficient, so it becomes essential to add values that will impact your audience. 

That way, keep following the text and see what it takes to start a digital storytelling job and have this resource available to your company.

Tips for winning over the audience

Given the breadth of information highlighted, one of the main doubts that arise is in relation to what is needed to start this digital storytelling work.

But do not worry! With that in mind, we highlight some tips that will give you a direction and make you have a great path to be followed through digital storytelling. Check out!

1 – Gather information about your brand

Thus, through this maximum established knowledge, there is a field to be highlighted, managing to work based on the company's knowledge and history. 

2 – Focus on your company's goals;

To establish digital storytelling strategies, it is essential to consider the company's wishes through this action, precisely targeting actions and movements that can be more specific and impactful.

3 – Focus as much as possible on the relevant parts

No strategy or success story emerges without focus being one of the key elements, so it is essential that focus is preserved at each stage and that each action has a totally positive impact. 

4 – Tailor the message according to the target audience 

It's no use preparing a flawless story and the language doesn't match the audience you're talking to, so adapt the message and try to speak the same language as your audience.

5 – From emotion to your story

Emotion is capable of arousing something unique in people, making the stories and moments really stand out and be taken into account, so touch that point and arouse emotion in your audience.

6 – Establish connection points with your consumers

Through this created plot, it is important to highlight points that will generate a connection with the reader, making him in fact see himself in front of the story and feel motivated to know more.

7 – From rhythm to the created plot 

Captivating the audience is what makes you have the attention and connection in this contact, so it is essential to give rhythm to the plot and keep your audience motivated to know more about the content and the brand.

8 – Get closer to the audience

Highlight through the content points that show that your company is very close to the public, making mistakes and in fact always learning through moments and experiences. 

9 – Be realistic 

In the same direction as the previous point, it is important to be realistic according to the company's intentions and in fact demonstrate to the public how much they both need each other and how the connection established is something extremely valuable. 

10 – Be creative 

Creativity is capable of turning a story and moment into something unique, so valuing elements that show creativity is one of the key points to stand out and be relevant to the public. 

Therefore, through these actions, there is in fact a direction to develop actions and initiate strategies through digital storytelling, always aiming at a unique approach to its consumers. 

So, to finish, keep following the text and see the main benefits of digital storytelling.

Benefits of Digital Storytelling 

When presenting this information, there are already numerous reasons to implement digital storytelling, however, to make it even clearer, see the main benefits of this technique. Come on!

  • Brand humanization;
  • Highly shareable content;
  • Differentiate your company from others;
  • Stimulates a sense of community;
  • Build a loyal relationship.

Therefore, the time has come to put the actions into practice and actually see the change happening.