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Because of COVID-19 many have left their academies, but persist in trying to train to work out at home. In this article we will share a complete list of courses that will help you from losing pounds to gaining muscle mass.

You don't need a gym or equipment to start working out or training. I use the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure myself and share great results. That game is heavier than any gym workout.

There are dozens of ways to exercise at home, train or work out to gain muscle, shape your muscles or even lose that belly. Some exercises can also help you with postural correction, as in my case.

See the title and description of each product, look for what promises your desires, examine the product's sales page, your teacher and all the content he offers. So you will choose wisely the course you want.

The advantage is that most courses and products related to training have a very low cost compared to other niche markets. You don't need to invest so much to start training at home! What are you waiting for?

EducaFit Online Courses

EducaFit is the Main Online School of the Fitness Market. In my opinion Educafit is the best option for those looking for any fitness-related course. There are more than 3,000 courses straight to the point, all for a super low monthly cost of 39 reais.

By subscribing to Educafit you have access to Exercise Physiology, Personal Trainer, Gym Management, Bodybuilding, Biomechanics, Nutrition and Supplementation, Functional Training, Running, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Fighting, Swimming, among many courses others!

You have access to all courses monthly, if you like, just continue… When accessing the website you will also find some free classes for you to see the quality of the professionals who make up Educafit.

Online courses to train and work out at home - cross fit

Buttocks to the Extreme - MBN

The product Glúteos ao Extremo - MBN is a set of techniques and actions elaborated and gathered in video lessons, which teaches how to increase and tone the muscles of the glutes in a natural way.

Through simple actions carried out at home or in gyms, it is a complete guide, covering from training, diet and supplementation, all in a clear and succinct language so that it can be understood by everyone.

Online courses to train and work out at home - gluteus bumbum

Hard Butt at Home

The reason why women go to a gym is clear, they want to get bigger and make their butt tough. This is also possible at home! Bumbum Durinho em Casa is a Butt Workout at home and is aimed at women who have difficulties in training.

The course has classes that teach using dumbbells, kettlebell and Swiss ball. The course also features video lessons without the use of any equipment, the program consists of 3 levels of video lessons from 10 to 32 minutes of intense training.

Online courses to train and work out at home - gluteos

START protocol with Amanda Biuger

Amanda Biuger brought together a group of professionals, a physical educator, sports nutritionist, psychologist, nutrologist and endocrine, all to start your life!

The START protocol is a program of goals and challenges that you will need to meet in 21 days. Our team of specialists will assist you with videos explaining what you need to know, in order to, in fact, enhance your training and have significant results.

They are videos exploring a little of each area, and they are all aimed at improving your training, showing the importance of having this type of monitoring in your day to day.

Online courses to train and work out at home - fitness course

Training in training and functional physical preparation

FUNCTIONAL PHYSICAL PREPARATION course, to serve from beginner to advanced, in groups with a 40-hour certificate. The product was created by Fernando Richard, Personal Trainer, Physical Trainer for Professional Athletes and Online Coach.

In this course you will learn about the physical preparation of athletes, group training, personal trainer, individual preparation, attendance at the client's home, preparation for fighters, training in parks, challenges for aesthetic purposes and much more.

Online courses for training and working out at home -

Athlete's Body after 40

This training program uses your own body weight, without using equipment, and can be done at home or anywhere with internet access. Recommended for men over 40 who do not usually exercise.

In the Athlete's Body Program you will have access to short and intense workouts, thought and idealized in a safe way, with each workout a higher degree of difficulty, which will teach your body to BURN MORE FATS demanding the maximum of your MUSCLES to reach a body athlete even after 40 years of age.,

There will be daily training in video lessons with a minimum duration of 4 minutes and the longest 15 minutes. With each workout a higher intensity in a progressive and safe way, even for you who are out of shape.

Online courses for training and working out at home -

17 Day Diet With VIP Group

The 17 Day Diet, is a complete application for you to learn from ZERO how to lose weight in a healthy and fast way in just 17 days! Even if you don't have a lot of time and don't know anything about healthy eating or weight loss

The product has a VIP group on Face and Whatsapp, special challenge instructions, coaching, 700 lowcarb and detox recipes, exercises, videos to combat anxiety attacks and binge eating and a motivating community.

This product is intended for women who wish to lose weight together with other people through spectacular diets. The product was created by Renata Souza, Weight Loss Coach for over 30 years.

Online courses for training and working out at home - training at home

Sobral Muay Thai Training

Sobral Training was developed to help you in your search for physical conditioning, weight loss, self-defense, balance, health and well-being. All this using techniques of Muay thai in a dynamic and passionate way.

These fighting techniques became a fever among artists famous for their high caloric burning and muscle toning, resistance, not to mention the enormous benefits already proven to combat stress and anxiety.

Online courses for training and working out at home - online training

Training and bodybuilding on Amazon

Below we will share a list of books and products from Amazon that can help you with bodybuilding at home:

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Other Online Training Courses

To finish the article, we will also leave some Udemy courses. They are cheaper, but are usually less complete than the courses themselves sold on digital product platforms like Hotmart, Eduzz and Monetizze.

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