Content: Learn how to measure results from sites that invest in content

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Anyone who works with internet content needs to know how to measure publications to effectively achieve a better positioning in the market, which is increasingly competitive.

The world is completely transformed by the elements related to technology, largely due to the process known as digital transformation, which popularized devices and mechanisms for accessing the internet.

The production of content has gradually become the main method of engagement on the internet, largely because of consumers and the customer profile that has become much more demanding.

As the world lives in an information age, users want to know more about a product or service before buying it. In some cases, they even want to get to know the company better, understanding how it fits their needs.

Because of this, generating quality content began to gain more prominence within companies, which began to see an exponential growth in their business opportunities in the digital field with this type of strategy.

However, care is taken with this element, and the analysis of results and follow-up metrics are essential issues to ensure a good response to your actions.

There are several elements that can be evaluated in these reports, and this ends up directly meeting the company's needs. Each company has its own priorities, taking into account this type of action.

Other elements are a common factor among most companies, which is why it is important to know this information, such as:

  • Unique visitors;
  • Session time;
  • Number of pages viewed;
  • records.

These and many other elements help the company to have a broader idea about the functionality of its content marketing strategies, and allow you to understand if the material produced is working or needs to be polished.

Evaluating your content

To be able to make a good measurement of your material, you can count on a series of important tools available for the work, guaranteeing much more information in your analysis.

It is worth remembering that each company is unique, and the results of two different companies trying to identify the results with the same tool can be completely different.

Therefore, the ideal is to ensure that you adapt these items to your reality to have a broader view of what is being offered in the first place.


The acronym, which means Search Engine Optimization, refers to a series of practices that must be applied to improve a company's positioning in search engines.

These issues end up directly impacting the return your company receives when applying content production in your marketing strategy, and should be taken into account when evaluating results.

This is because search engines often offer mechanisms for you to assess how well your site is performing, allowing for greater interaction with this type of structure.

Social media

Another very important issue for evaluating your website is the impact that your content is generating on social networks. Most people today have accounts on at least some of these platforms.

The platforms themselves understand the importance of tracking results, and offer adequate tools for marketers to be able to follow up more effectively.

Final considerations

The use of results evaluation mechanisms is a fundamental part of the marketing work, as it allows a better understanding of how your content production actions are performing.

Therefore, a company that wants to gain leadership in its niche ends up choosing to use this type of strategy, guaranteeing much more accurate results in the long term.

The better your content is evaluated, the more prepared you will be to create new materials, understanding exactly what kind of elements the consumer audience is looking for from your company.