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Nowadays, Whatsapp has become a very good tool for closing deals, making sales and converting customers. Today I want to present a tool that will make all this work easier, let's talk about ZapFácil Sender, a Whatsapp Automation tool.

Why spend a fortune on an Email Marketing tool where only 10% open emails? What do you think about improving this by marketing through Whatsapp?

The price of ZapFácil is amazing!

One of the biggest advantages of ZapFácil is its super affordable price. Usually automation tools have an absurd course, especially email marketing tools.

While some spend 20 to 100 dollars a month to trigger emails that are most often ignored, with a quarterly or annual investment you can do all this through ZapFácil sending messages directly to your contacts' cell phones.

In fact, with a very low investment you can have lifetime access to the ZapFácil tool, thus allowing your marketing expenses to be completely low.

Don't spend money on unprofitable email marketing tools, invest in real tools, use ZapFácil. Pay once and use for eternity!

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ZapFácil Tools

The ZapFácil automation tool offers several features such as:

Multiple Accounts on Whatsapp

This function allows you to log in with multiple Whatsapp numbers and makes it possible to handle the same contact list and send mass messages without the danger of losing your Whatsapp.

Whatsapp Number Generator

Automatically generate numbers and organize to send messages to strangers and make possible sales and conversion. The same tool used by telemarketers.

Import and Extract Whatsapp contacts

In addition to automatic content generation, you can also import contacts from a list or generate a list by capturing and extracting contact from whatsapp groups.

Other ZapFácil Features

Some additional features are:

  • group extractor
  • number generator
  • Sending media
  • typing simulation
  • Number filter 
  • Importing lists
  • group finder 
  • Full reports
  • Number validation 
  • call contacts by name

ZapEasy Chat

In addition to the installable tool that allows you to do Marketing and List with Whataspp, the company also has another monthly tool that provides robots, chats and other automations for websites and companies.

This tool is used for websites and companies to organize their service and support. In addition to the robot that automatically answers some questions, you can capture leads, redirect customers, make multiple calls and much more.

This tool is online, so it requires a monthly fee of at least 87 reais a month or 814 reais a year. A very affordable price compared to other support systems and robots.

At the bottom of the ZapFácil Sender page you will find the link to ZapFácil Chat. The company is probably developing new functions and tools to market and make life easier for entrepreneurs who want to use Whatsapp.

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Questions and Answers about ZapFácil

Is it easy to use a Whatsapp automation tool?

Yes. With ZapFácil in just a few steps you can perform all the installation and configure your sales machine. The site has many videos and tutorials to help with the process.

Who can use Whatsapp Automation?

Every physical and digital business can use and have excellent results. Today, 9 out of 10 Brazilians with internet access use Whatsapp. And the vast majority claim to use WhatsApp to negotiate and buy whenever possible, due to the enormous ease and agility in negotiations.

Are there complaints about ZapFácil?

Despite some complaints about the product, all are only related to the payment of the monthly fee, no criticism regarding the tool itself.