Complete analysis of the Formula Keyboard course


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In this article, we will do a complete review of the Formula Keyboard course. Let's see what the course's objective, the subject matter, is about the author and see if the course is really reliable.

Complete analysis of the keyboard formula course - violin piano

Purpose of the Formula Keyboard course

The course is aimed at keyboard students from totally beginners to those at the intermediate level. The proposal is to bring a new, simple and effective methodology, in order to accelerate and greatly facilitate learning.

The Tecladista Formula is completely online and has an incredible quality. Alysson produced excellent content & nbsp; with a very practical and organized step by step. The course has 9 modules and a rich educational content.

If you want to learn keyboard and piano really popular this course can make all the difference in your life. I can tell you that you are just a few clicks away from experiencing an explosion of knowledge, and what is better ... quickly & nbsp;

Complete analysis of the keyboard formula course - 1 dark blues piano

The content of the Formula Keyboard course

The Formula Keyboard course has several modules and a complete content that will clarify your problems and fully teach you about the subject. See below a list of topics covered throughout the 9 modules of the course:

  • Rhythmic analysis - Talking about baião
  • Rhythmic analysis - Talking about ballads
  • Rhythmic analysis - Talking about reggae
  • Rhythmic analysis - Talking about waltz
  • Lesson - Primary and relative chords
  • Class - Arpeggios in two octaves I
  • Class - Arpeggios in two octaves II
  • Class - Arpeggios on tetrads
  • Class - Arpeggios in an octave
  • Class - Greater harmonic field
  • Class - Natural minor harmonic field
  • Lesson - Understanding encryption
  • Class - Diatonic scale
  • Class - Scales with flats
  • Class - Scales with sharps
  • Class - Larger scales
  • Lesson - Smaller scales
  • Class - Study of the scale in C major
  • Lesson - Exploring the arpeggios a little more
  • Lesson - Formula of intervals
  • Class - Intervals of Wednesday and Thursday
  • Class - Triad inversions
  • Class - Tetrad inversions
  • Class - Other scales
  • Class - Posture and keyboard
  • Class - Progressions I (triads)
  • Class - Progressions II (triads)
  • Class - Progressions III (triads)
  • Class - Progressions IV (tetrads)
  • Class - Progressions V (tetrads)
  • Class - Sustens and flats
  • Class - Tensions in triads
  • Class - Tensions in tetrads I
  • Class - Tensions in tetrads II
  • Class - Triads
  • Class - Miniature Tetrads
  • Class - Tetrads of the greater harmonic field
  • Lesson - Small harmonic field tetrads
  • Class - Tetrads of the melodic minor harmonic field
  • Class - Tetrads of the natural minor harmonic field
  • Tutorial - Beauty and the Beast
  • Tutorial - A thousand years
  • Tutorial - So without you
  • Tutorial - Search me, use me
  • Tutorial - Playing ahead
  • Tutorial - Wave
  • Tutorial - Yesterday
All about the keyboard formula course

About the author of the Formula Formula course

Alysson Angelo has played the keyboard since the age of 17, with many years of experience, a great musician who performs together with bands from the Belo Horizonte - MG region. He has also been a teacher for decades.

He created the Tecladista formula to share his knowledge with people who want to learn to play the keyboard more intelligently. There are many videos on YouTube & nbsp; where he teaches keyboard and piano for free.

Complete analysis of the keyboard formula course - 1 musical keyboard

Is the Formula Keyboard course worth it?

Is the Formula Keyboard course really worth it? The results of the Formula Keyboard course are entirely up to you. There is no point in buying a course if you do not make full use of it. Dedication is mandatory!

Fortunately, the Formula Keyboard course is entirely online. Thus providing numerous benefits such as:

Practicality - You learn at home.
You will not need to leave home to use the course Keyboardist formula.
The Formula Keyboard course can be opened from any cell phone and tablet.
Several payment options, no monthly fees.
The Creator has full time to engage in the students of the course. 
Full online support to answer questions and assist throughout the course.
Better to understand the lessons.
 Video, audio and text classes.
Classes with tests, quizzes and additional exercises for you to improve your knowledge.
All about the keyboard formula course

Is the Formula Keyboard course Reliable?

Some are unsure about online courses. Totally Understanding! You can't trust any online course.

Luckily for you, the Formula Formula course is administered by the online course platform entitled Hotmart. This platform is responsible for distributing 80% of online courses in Portuguese along with other trusted companies called Udemy, Eduzz and Monetizze.

Any inconvenience is covered by Hotmart's consumer warranty. Just ask for repayment and you will get your investment back. Hotmart courses can be guaranteed for 7, 15 or 30 days.

All about the keyboard formula course

Questions about the Formula Keyboard course

Since you now know that the Formula Keyboard course is reliable and worthwhile, you may still have some doubts and questions about the distance learning course. Perhaps because online courses are something entirely new to you. Look at some questions answered below:

1 - Is the distance course more difficult than the face-to-face course?

Generally, face-to-face courses tend to be insignificant compared to Online courses, because the teacher needs to explain to several students at the same time, every day. Online, he creates a single time for all students.

This makes it cover more problems, create more material. Face-to-face courses are designed to earn for tuition, so they don't want you to learn fast. It ends up being much more expensive than any distance learning course.

2 - Who guarantees that I will learn from Formula Keyboard?

Likewise in a face-to-face course, if you do not attend classes and do not engage in exercises, you will not get anywhere. We have a perfect structure and content, the result will depend on the person!

3 - What are the payment options for Formula Keyboard?

Payments through Boleto, Paypal, Cards and others. Single or installment payment up to 12x!

4 - If I have questions?

Generally, the platform's online courses offer support via whatsapp, email, facebook and telegram, in addition to a VIP group of students and a comment system to answer questions during the course.

Alternatives to the Formula Keyboard course

You may not have liked something about the Formula Keyboard course. For this reason we wrote an article showing all best piano and keyboard courses on the internet. Reading this article you will find several alternatives.

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