6 tips to make your business page dynamic, efficient and attractive

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It is not enough to invest in a modern and attractive layout if the site is not functional and intuitive

Nowadays, almost every company has a website, and many people think that this is enough to boost sales and be successful. The reality is not exactly that, since the internet breaks down barriers of distance and democratizes competition from companies, which physically would not compete with the same conditions. it is a guarantee of nothing; it is necessary that when he gets there he can navigate easily, and for that, it is necessary to think about usability and efficiency.

What sets your business apart from others? The answer to this question also lies in the company's digital presence. Your company's differential needs to be clear in each element of the site and its way of functioning. It is not enough to invest in a modern and attractive layout if it is not functional and intuitive. If all this seems too complex, follow our tips to understand how simple and dynamic the task of making a website more attractive and efficient is.

Information Architecture

To create a website that is engaging and easy to navigate, it is important to think about information architecture. That is, the logical sequence that the user will need to follow to get what he needs. The fewer clicks your customer makes to get where they need to go, the more interesting your website will be. When you assemble a well-made architecture, it needs to be intuitive, so that the user follows it without thinking too much, in a fluid and organic way. 

Before starting the development, it is valid to create a schematic of the site, listing the sections and their ramifications. The simpler the better. Far-fetched pages, full of movement, often take a long time to fully load, which greatly decreases page load time.

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responsive website

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, 92% of people use smartphones to access the internet. That's why a wonderful website is worthless if it doesn't adapt to different screens. More than a mobile version of the site, it is important that it is responsive, so that it can be repositioned according to the size of the screen. A responsive website is designed from its creation to work this way, with a proper layout and light images that load easily. Slow loading sites are rejected very easily: 53% of users leave the page after about three seconds of waiting.

Some basic rules

An innovative and bold website is very cool, but some layout rules must be followed, to facilitate navigation. Using the company's brand in the upper left corner of the website is already a standard on the world internet, as this location facilitates visualization, being the main point of attention for the user. No wonder the menu is usually positioned in the same place. 

The rules are not mandatory, but they will make the site much more intuitive. That is, the client will navigate more easily, in a much more fluid way, if your website maintains the rules that are in the collective unconscious of internet users around the world.

Another very valid rule is the following: deliver everything at home. Like this? On the first page, make it clear what your company does and what its specialties are. This makes the user quickly find what they need and not have to search the entire site to find it. Your page shouldn't be a maze, but a well-lit, signposted, paved road – otherwise, the user will give up on browsing, which will send your bounce rate skyrocketing. 

Focus on relevance

Many companies invest a lot of money in digital advertising and forget to invest in relevancy on Google, so they spend much more to attract visitors and do not generate optimized results. This is because the most used search engine in the world presents first, in a search result, sites that it considers relevant. For this, it analyzes the time that the user spends on the page, visits that the site has in relation to that specific topic and conversion rate. In other words, a site well rated by Google can appear easier in search and also print its ads with priority, spending less and reaching more people. 

When the user enters your site and leaves too fast, your bounce rate goes up and Google starts to understand that there is something wrong with the page. So, your site will lose relevance and drop in the search results rankings. Therefore, it is very important to analyze the trajectory that the customer takes to see if there is any section that generates more dropouts.

Keeping an eye on conversions

Every website, like every company, has at least one goal to be met: this goal the experts called conversion. That is, if your company sells shoes, for example, the conversion happens every time the customer buys one. Or, if it's an aesthetic clinic, the conversion takes place when the client schedules an appointment. Conversion achievement is what ensures the site is efficient. When this rate is low, or starts to fall, it is necessary to investigate what motivates the customer to give up on the purchase.

Don't lose sight of metrics

A website's metrics work like routine exams, and you need to evaluate the entire system to know where there might be a flaw. Sometimes the conversion rate drop can be the result of a website defect – payment terms may not be favorable, shipping may be too expensive, or it may be too difficult to complete the purchase. For that, the site needs to go through these kinds of check-ups frequently.

The study of metrics must be thought of as soon as the page is created, by trained professionals, who will design the best way for the site to be dynamic and intuitive.