HTML5: What is it and what are its advantages for e-commerce

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Have you ever heard of HTML5? Do you know the difference from traditional HTML pages? In this article we will introduce you to the main features of this new type of page, what are its advantages and differences compared to traditional HTML.

After all, what is HTML?

HTML is an English acronym for Hypertext Markup Language (HyperText Markup Language) which allows the publication of materials such as:

  • Images;
  • Layouts;
  • Audios;
  • Documents;
  • Texts.

These materials are published through a connection of several elements in a structure called a hypertext.

Understanding HTML5

This new feature has a set of 5 main technologies: SVG, CSS3, WebGL, File API, MathML. But what is it all about? Calm down, we'll explain to you.

API (Application Programming Interface)

The API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of standards that promote the communication of the application interface (the splash screen and layouts) and the system with other platforms.

This tool made the work of software developers easier by making communication between apps and other services necessary for their operation to be possible.

For example, so that the application can collect data from your photographic records, it requests the release of your access control, so that you don't need to create a new interface for this, optimizing the process of obtaining data.

MathML (Mathematical Markup Language)

MathML, or Mathematical Markup Language, is a type of resource within the HTML5 tool which aims to describe mathematical notions and operations capturing structure and content.

This feature allows the representation of equations, formulas and calculations in online documents in a practical way and with better visualization than the tools that preceded it.

WebGL (Web Graphics Library)

WebGL, or Web Graphics Library, is a tool that has considerably improved the display of 2D and 3D graphics in Internet documents, images, and text.

It is a type of API, but aimed at use by JavaScript, which is one of the best known programming languages, used and acclaimed in the digital world for enabling the creation of dynamic and high quality web pages.

The association of WebGL with other JavaScript resources, allow the creation of audio and video automation in the HTML language, which was a costly financial and manual process in earlier times.

The facilitation of this process allowed the creation of websites with better visual quality and fully engaged within the marketing of the digital age. 


SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is a type of XML (programming language) file that allows you to create two-dimensional graphics in an animated, GIF-like, or static form.

The main benefit promoted by this feature is the maintenance of the resolution quality, even with the graphic enlargement.

In a situation where you have a automation company of digital processes, for example, it is essential that the SVG is present in your HTML page.

This feature conveys credibility to its customers by maintaining the graphics in high resolution, regardless of the screen on which it is accessed.

The fact of increasing or reducing the graphics and maintaining the resolution conveys an idea of automation and quality, of intelligent control, and makes the customer even more likely to contract their services.

As it is not owned by any company, it is easier to use this feature to create graphics, which makes this tool different from others with the same functionality.

CSS3 (Cascading Style Sheets)

CSS3 is the third generation of code (called CSS) widely used to establish style standards such as size, colors and font within web pages that are being created.

The third generation of this code, CSS3, brought more dynamics to the design of the pages, making it easier to build and incorporating transition elements, background image movement and other unique styles.

For example, if you sell soft everest filter and you want a web page to promote it, you can ask the designer to move the layout that will result in your product being highlighted. That's thanks to CSS3, which makes animation easier.

Black background with text overlay screengrab

5 benefits of HTML5 for your digital business

For those of you who have an E-commerce (digital commerce) and make use of internet platforms for the purpose of selling, you will be pleased to know that the new feature can bring many benefits to your business.

Here we separate 6 main benefits you can have by adopting this tool for your company's digital marketing and optimization for your page or application.

1. Easy navigation with less restrictions

The new HTML language makes the site lighter and allows faster loading of images and texts present. This makes browsing faster and more convenient, leaving the user more satisfied.

The responsiveness of the website also becomes more practical. The customer clicks on a certain function and immediately the response is generated as a result of the lightness of the elements in this new configuration.

Let's assume the following situation: your company is responsible for installing electric switchboards in buildings and to reach a greater number of potential customers, you decide to create a web page.

If this is with the fifth generation HTML, the fast navigation and with high responsiveness will favor your business by not leaving the dissatisfied customers waiting for the loading of information.

2. SEO Optimization (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a tool that optimizes the appearance of your website in search engines, aiming at a higher ranking, increasing the chances of access.

Through this new HTML configuration, your website tends to appear more at the top in searches as a result of being better indexed by search engines.

Indexing is the selection that the search engine makes based on some criteria such as site access metrics and user ratings.

That's because the best navigability and user experience with a website count for a lot in search engine metrics. Thus, the faster and more practical your website, the better the user experience and the better its placement in searches.

You can choose to IT outsourcing (Information Technology) within your organization and further improve results by maintaining fifth-generation HTML.

3. Improved accessibility

The use of this new tool allows for easier access to data by the user. In this new configuration, the site does not need the use of plugins which would be necessary extensions for opening images and banners.

Thus, the art created for your website opens faster and involves the client, and can rely on more dynamic animations or movements that make contemplation more satisfying.

4. Customizable data

Due to the greater flexibility that the page presents through this new configuration, the insertion of customizable data has become frequent, given its ease.

Extra data or with unique characteristics, such as vectorized movements different from the standard, used to be like martyrdom and jeopardize the loading of your page.

Today, with the lightness provided by this new tool, the insertion of customizable data is fully possible and widely adopted.

5. Improved user experience

Due to the greater lightness of the website with maintenance of the quality of the elements displayed on it, the user experience is leveraged. Fast loading and better responsiveness contribute to user and purchase satisfaction.

Therefore, for your final consumer, the main advantages are:

  • Less amount of crash on mobile screens;
  • Increased credibility of mobile sites;
  • Improved aesthetic interface experience;
  • Better audio and video support.

If you provide a calibration service devices to measure pressure in clinics (sphygmomanometer), it is interesting that the user access experience is improved so that there are a greater number of interested parties.

As it is usually the secretariats and the administrative sector that are responsible for measures like this, contracting outsourced services, in addition to the service at the clinic, they need efficiency and agility in the process to avoid delays.

Turned on laptop computer

Final considerations

Now that you know the importance of the fifth generation of the HTML language and what benefits it can bring to your business, you can start thinking about how to apply it to your digital business, if you don't already use it.

If you don't have enough knowledge to develop the site, you can choose one IT support for companies, which provide services to improve your e-commerce through the creation of a dynamic page. 

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